Lofton says verbal solid despite rumors

Oklahoma four-star linebacker commit Curtis Lofton talks about the rumors he's still considering OSU.

Curtis Lofton, LB, 6-2, 240, 4.6, KINGFISHER, OKLAHOMA:

JH: Is there any truth to the rumor that you are opening up recruiting again and going to visit with OSU coaches?

CL: "That kind of ticks me off. That is a big-time lie. I haven't stepped foot anywhere near Stillwater since I committed. I don't know where he is getting his information, but that is not true."

JH: So you weren't at an OSU basketball game recently?

CL: No, I did not go to a basketball game in Stillwater. It must have been a look-a-like, but it wasn't me there."

JH: This report is coming out of Stillwater from a reporter that is close to their program, but you say that it is totally false?

CL: "That really pisses me off. Yes, the coaches are still calling me, but I haven't talked to Robert Allen since I committed to OU."

JH: What do you feel about erroneous media reports like this?

CL: "I really don't have any control over the media. It makes me mad because it causes me to answer questions. The people at OU know how I feel about it and they know that I am solid with OU."

JH: It is sad about Wayne Chambers and the fact his career is over, but it does create a window of opportunity for you. Zach Latimer is an excellent football player and he will be a junior next year, and you know about the other backers at OU already on campus. However, the bottom line is that they don't have a linebacker returning who has ever started in the middle, so you do have a window of opportunity as a true freshman. How are you going to get ready for that opportunity?

CL: "Right now I am just enjoying my basketball season, but as soon as it is over I am going to click on my football switch and start to get ready for the competition. I know nothing is going to be given to me, but I all I can ask for is an opportunity and I am going to get that opportunity at middle linebacker at OU. It is up to me to make the best of it."

JH: Congratulations for being named to the Parade All-American team. You have to be thrilled with that honor?

CL: "To tell you the truth I didn't know what it was when I first heard about it. My coaches have been telling me about it and it is such a great honor to receive it. Then to be the only player from Oklahoma to receive it, when you know there are a number of great players from this state, it just blows my mind. Especially when you consider I am from such a small school."

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