RECRUITING: Clay still comfortable with decision

Jeffersonville, Ga. linebacker Antonio Clay update.

Antonio Clay, LB, 6-1, 207, 4.75, JEFERSONVILE (TWIGGS COUNTY HS), GEORGIA:

JH: You started out as a commitment to OU then backed off some, and now you are committed to OU again. You have been through it in recruiting haven't you?

AC: "I have gone through all the ups and downs in recruiting, but now it is good to have a spot that I can call home in Oklahoma."

JH: When did you know for sure that you wanted to go to OU?

AC: "Just recently when I announced it I felt real comfortable about going to Oklahoma. It was at that time that I knew for sure where I wanted to go. I had a good feeling before then, but it was right then that I knew for sure."

JH: What is it about Oklahoma that you liked so much?

AC: "It is just the program itself. They have proven over the years that they can go to the next level. They have been in the last two National Championships and they have won a number of big games over the years. They are a great program with great coaches and players. It is easy to fall in love with Oklahoma."

JH: Did your relationship with Coach Pelini play a big role in your decision?

AC: "That played a big role in my decision. We didn't talk that much, but he was the coach that came down the most. He was my recruiting coach and he came down more than any other coach from Oklahoma. He is a great guy and he is just a nice guy to talk to. He is very down to earth. He is straight up with you."

JH: Have you had a chance to talk to Coach Venables much?

AC: "Coach Venables just came by yesterday. We didn't talk about football much or didn't talk about recruiting. He just talked about different things with me and mom. He was trying to get to know us and to let us get to know him."

JH: Is your family happy with the decision or are you still having to work on them a little bit?

AC: "I am still talking things over with the family, but that is going to work out. I think they are going to be happy with my decision. They are going to see it my way."

JH: Is it the distance that they object to?

AC: "It is just the distance from home, but they will see that I really want to go down there and they are going to be happy for me."

JH: How is your basketball season going?

AC: "We are doing pretty well. We are second in our league and are 4-2 in the region. We are 16-5 overall. I am the sixth man off the bench. I average about seven points a game and six rebounds."

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