RECRUITING: Sooners land Texas receiver?

Killeen, Texas WR Juaquin Iglesias talks about Thursday's night's in-home visit with Oklahoma.

Juaquin Iglesias, ATH, 6-1, 180, 4.5, KILLEEN, TEXAS:

JH: When I called earlier who were you in a visit with, a coach? Who were you visiting with?

JI: "I just got through talking with Coach Wright from Oklahoma."

JH: How did that meeting go?

JI: "That meeting went great. We got some things cleared up because he had heard that I wasn't interested in going there, but that isn't true. I talked to him about some things that I heard about Oklahoma wanting to play me at DB, and I want to play receiver. He told me about all the opportunities that I would have at receiver and about all the opportunities that I would have at Oklahoma."

JH: Are you going to visit OU this weekend?

JI: "Yes, I am going to visit at OU this weekend."

JH: How is your recruiting going at this time?

JI: "My recruiting is going well. I am close to making my decision. If everything goes well this weekend I am going to go to OU. They offered me a while back and I told them then that I wanted to come to Oklahoma. I reassured them tonight that I want to go to Oklahoma."

JH: So have you committed to OU?

JI: "Yes, I am committing to OU."

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