Keith confident he'll start somewhere in 2005

Juco OL commitment Brandon Keith talks about his trip to Norman and expectations for next season.

Brandon Keith, OL, 6-6, 320, NEO, OK:

JH: You have been committed to OU for a long time and you have been to Norman many times. What did you hope to accomplish or learn about your new team on during your official visit?

BK: "I just went to have a good time. Everybody always asks me if I am finally going to get here. It is a good feeling that the guys have never forgotten me and always have considered me a part of the team. That was fun to talk to the guys. Tthey treated me like I am already a part of the team."

JH: We have heard that you posted some incredible numbers at NEO. Could you tell us about those and how big are you exactly?

BK: "I did a 435 bench press and I had a 650 squat. I ran a 4.87 forty, but Coach Patterson put it down as a 4.9. That was pretty good for a guy that weighed 315 to 320 and is about 6-6. I thought I did pretty good. Right now I weigh 320."

JH: On your visit did you study the offensive line much?

BK: "We watched a lot of film. We are going to try me at one of the tackle spots. He (Kevin Wilson) wants to start me out at the left tackle spot, but I told him that I prefer the right because that is where I played the last six or seven years. However, I told him that I would play anywhere they want me to play and I will do my best to help the team. I did the same thing at NEO. I played guard because Coach Patterson said they needed me at guard. I played left guard until the last two games and that was fine. I don't want to play center."

JH: Would you mind playing guard at OU?

BK: "No, I wouldn't object to that because I am a team player and I am going to do what is best for the team."

JH: I am sure for two years people have been coming up to you asking you when you were going to be playing at OU. And now that it is close, is it strange?

BK: "We went out to Outback Steakhouse and a guy came up to me and asked if I was finally going to get there. I was a high recruit in high school, but I wasn't the top player. But that is great that so many people want me to play at OU. I can't wait to get here. I wore 55 in high school, but Jammal wore that last year and I am not sure about wearing his number. I will sit down with Coach Wilson once I get there and talk to him about that."

JH: You will be in the mix right away for a starting spot, so what do you think of your chances?

BK: "The guys up there are good, and I talk regularly with Akim. We talk all the time so he knows that I feel that I can come up there and get that job this season. I feel I am better than him, but he has experience in the system that I don't have. Athletically, there is no comparison. If I come in and rock-n-roll and get everything down I can start any where on the line. Akim is a great player, and I know that Coach Wilson will play the best five players so it may be better that Akim plays left tackle and I play guard. Or maybe I will play right tackle and Davin Joseph can stay at right guard. Kevin Chaisson has started a number of games at left guard and Chris Bush will be a good center, so if it is us five on the offensive line then I don't think we will miss a beat.

"They had a real good O-line last year, but Davin, Kevin and Chris are back and I think Akim and myself and help keep everything going. That is why I think I have grown as a player in that I realize that playing in the O-line is not all about me and that a coach has to put together his best line. I know Coach Wilson will be looking to get his best five offensive linemen on the field, and I know I am going to be one of those five."

JH: Are you frustrated with the ratings systems that only have you rated a three or four star?

BK: "Something as simple as that can be motivation, and I am going to use that to my advantage."

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