RECRUITING: Carter says he's sure...well 99.1%

Jenks defensive back Jason Carter talks about his visit to Arkansas the Sooners chances to sign him


JH: What did you think of your visit to Arkansas?

"It was OK and the facilities were nice. They are building a 15-thousand square foot weight room, but to be honest that doesn't mean anything to me."

JH: What is up with recruiting?

"It is all the same really, I am still committed to OU. I am not really out there looking at other schools, but I am still talking to other schools just in case I need to be. I want to play as a freshman and OU has a lot of DBs, so I have checked out some other schools."

JH: Do you think you can play earlier at other schools?

"Yes at just about every other school. I was looking forward to really playing safety. OU really doesn't want me to and they want me to play cornerback. That bothers me, because I really want to play safety, but I guess they know best."

JH: Do you not feel you can compete at OU?

"When I first committed to OU I thought I could come in and compete there are other positions, but now they just want me at cornerback. I realize that you have to be an outstanding athlete to play cornerback at OU, but I still would like the opportunity to play safety."

JH: Will you sign with OU on signing day?

"I would say it is 99.1 percent that I will sign with OU, but there is that 0.1 percent where maybe I won't."

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