Reggie Smith talks about his Bedlam experience

Edmond, Okla. five-star defensive back Reggie Smith talks about his trip to Norman to watch Bedlam basketball and his final week of in-home visits.

Reggie Smith, S, 6-0, 192, 4.5, EDMOND (SANTE FE HS), OK:

JH: Reggie, you went to the OU-OSU basketball game last night in Norman and crowd chanted ‘We Want Reggie" a couple different times. You also sat next to Marcus Walker, Adrian Peterson and Curtis Lofton at the game. What did you think about all that?

RS: "It was real great to show that they had a real interest like me. I was just in there to watch the game and have a good time. I had a good time and I had a chance to watch a good game, a great game for OU in fact. Taj Gray played real well."

JH: What did AD and Marcus Walker talk to you about?

RS: "Nothing much about recruiting because mostly we just talked about he game and what was going on in the game."

JH: What about the crowd's chants directed toward you?

RS: "It wasn't a big deal to me. It was just funny in some ways. It was cool, but I don't get overly excited about stuff like that."

JH: So you are saying that will have no bearing on your decision?

RS: "I am still looking at everything as a whole. That excitement last night and the crowd's reaction will be something that I put into the equation."

JH: You recently met with Pete Carroll, so how did that visit go?

RS: "It was last Monday and that visit went well. He brought four coaches with him. They were prepared and gave me a presentation. They were very organized and ready to go."

JH: Are all three programs going to be back in your home this week?

RS: "All three programs will be in my home this week, but I don't know when. Oklahoma is coming tonight (Chuck Long, Darrell Wyatt and Bo Pelini)."

JH: Have you named a date for your announcement?

RS: "No, I haven't decided when I am going to announce. I will have to get a feeling when I want to do that."

JH: You didn't take a visit last weekend, so you're down to just three schools now?

RS: "Yes, at this point OU, Nebraska and USC are my final three choices. I am still trying to decide between those three."

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