Hale's 1/26 Recruiting Notebook

See inside for the latest on Oklahoma's remaining prospects, including Dallas DT DeMarcus Granger.

OU coaches Chuck Long, Darrell Wyatt and Bo Pelini have finished with their visit with Reggie Smith of Edmond (Sante Fe HS), OK. All indications are that the meeting went well, but nothing major came out of it. However, the Sooners did have a good discussion with Reggie and his parents and they talked to him about playing offense as well as defense. They also presented the fact that he could be a major factor in the return game next season in both the punt and kickoff return game.

Despite published national reports, the Sooners are still in the hunt for defensive end Kyle Moore of Warner Robins (Houston County HS), Ga. Moore met with OU coach Kevin Sumlin today and the family of Moore are certainly indicating that the Sooners are in the hunt. It appears that Miami is Moore's favorite, but not the favorite of the family. OU has worked the family very hard and they have won over the family. The Sooners may be the best alternative if they don't approve of him going to Miami. USC is also in the picture, but if he doesn't go to Miami it appears that he would sign with OU.

OU Head Coach Bob Stoops and Coach Sumlin met with offensive lineman Duke Robinson of Atlanta (Washington HS), Ga. yesterday and the Sooners are still in the lead with Georgia working him hard. The big question here is can the Sooners hold off Georgia, who is working him hard during the final week. At press time, I still think the Sooners are going to sign Robinson.

Jeffersonville, Ga. linebacker commitment Antonio Clay remains solid for OU as his finally getting adjusted to the fact that Clay will be living in Norman for the next four to five years.

I talked to defensive tackle DeMarcus Granger of Dallas (Kimball HS), Texas today and he said that he would announce where he is going on the 30th. He will announce with roommate and best friend Jameson Hardeman, which will have no relevance where either of them go. It is true that Arizona State is the only school to offer both, but Arizona State posses the same problem for Granger that Tennesee or any other school does outside of the Dallas area beacause his family doesn't want him too far from home. Darrell Wyatt and Jackie Shipp have done a great job recruiting here and Granger will sign with OU, and Hardeman will probably sign with Arizona State. Granger said this afternoon he was not going to play in the Coca-Cola games this weekend in Dallas or make a trip to Tennessee. Whether he actually makes the trip to Tennessee remains to be seen, but in the wacky world of recruiting you never know.

OU has a pretty good shot at quarterback Chris Tood of Elizabethtown, Ky. He and his family had a wonderful visit to Norman this past weekend and they liked OU better than Texas Tech. The Tood's are currently at Ole Miss. The key for the Sooners here is convincing Todd that he can play at OU. He and everybody else knows the pedigree of the current OU QBs.

Everybody also knows that Tommy Grady and Rhett Bomar are young, and while the media and fans speculate that one of them will transfer if they learn they are not starting, there hasn't been a word mentioned of that on the OU football team. Neither young gun has told anybody within the OU football team that they plan to transfer if they aren't starting. So, you have to recruit a QB with the thought that both will be here for the long-haul, and that isn't easy.

Todd may be a guy that excepts that challenge as he is a coaches' son and understands how the game works. He knows that egos are strong at this position and there is only one ball for a QB. He is a talented thrower and he knows that Texas Tech always has a number of good QBs on their roster as well. The Sooners might just win this race at the end.

Nic Harris has officially narrowed his choices down to OU and Michigan. OU will be in his home one more time this week, and right now they have just as good a shot as Michigan of signing him. Harris still says he knows where he is going and he is still talking to OU, which can't be all bad.

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