Could Moore follow his 'homeboys' to Norman?

Contrary to other reports, Warner Robins, Ga. four-star defensive end Kyle Moore says the Sooners are still in his final three and that one aspect in favor of Oklahoma is to play with his fellow Georgians.


JH: How did you play in that North/South All-Star game?

KM: "That game went pretty well for me. In fact, it went real good. I had three tackles in the game and we (South) shut them out 13-0."

JH: Did you play with Antonio Clay?

KM: "That is my homeboy right there. He is real good and really chases the ball well."

JH: How is recruiting going at this point?

KM: "I am still trying to decide between my three schools. I am still considering SC, Oklahoma and Miami."

JH: So you haven't narrowed your decision down at all?

KM: "No sir."

JH: Is recruiting getting frustrating for you at this point?

KM: "I guess I am all stressed out, which I don't like. I haven't been stressed out this whole recruiting process, and now I am. I need to make a decision, but it is hard at this point."

JH: What are you thoughts on Oklahoma at this time?

KM: "Two of my homeboys are going to Oklahoma — Antonio Clay and Duke Robinson. That gets me to thinking about going to Oklahoma as well."

JH: When are you going to announce yo
ur decision?

KM: "I am going to announce on signing day, but I will let the coaches know on Sunday."

JH: Tell us what is going through your mind about all three teams at this time?

KM: "With OU, I would get to play with my homeboys. I like the coaches that are recruiting me at OU in Coach (Jackie) Shipp and Coach (Kevin) Sumlin. At OU, I would get a chance to possibly start early and I like the players at OU. I like the players at OU and I like hanging out with Larry Birdine.

"I like the coaches at Miami, and they have a good strength coach. Miami was one of the best visits that I had. I just have a lot of things running through my mind right now.

"I saw Coach Sumlin on Tuesday and that visit went real well. I saw Coach (Pete) Carroll today and that went alright. USC is right there with everybody else. I have a lot of things going through my mind right now and this is a tough decision."

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