RECRUITING: Cosby back from Norman

Mart, Texas receiver Quan Cosby says his trip to Norman this weekend will make his decision tougher.

Quan Cosby, WR, 5-10, 200, 4.4, MART, TEXAS:

JH: How did your visit go to OU this weekend?

QC: "It went really well. I liked it a lot and I learned a lot. They are going to make the decision petty hard."

JH: Do you say that because OU was so impressive or because you have four schools that you can't decide from?

QC: "The decision where I am going to go in the end is going to be pretty difficult."

JH: Was your visit to OU a little different from the one you took four years ago?

QC: "Yeah, I think so, but it wasn't any better or worse. It was just because I am older now and I look for different things. The facilities have been upgraded, but that is just something that is better. Coach Stoops is a great guy and Coach Venables is still the same great guy. The players were great, but different than when I visited the first time. When I came in the first time I was talking to Roy Williams and J.T. Thatcher, and that group. So, this is a different group of players that I am dealing with and that was interesting to get to know them."

JH: Does your visit to OU give the Sooners a better chance to sign you?

QC: "I think it gives them a better chance to sign me. The fact that I visited shows my interest and I got a first-hand look at the program and a real chance to see what opportunities that I have at OU. I think my opportunity is good at OU."

JH: What did you learn about the OU offense and how you could fit into it?

QC: "I think there was definitely an upside to it, and it wasn't that they would do anything different. They just showed me how I could fit into their offense and the number of guys they have at my position."

JH: Are you trying to choose between three schools are is Tennessee now in the picture with your recent visit there?

QC: "I had a great visit out there too. That is why I am saying it is going to be a tough decision for me, because each school is showing me and telling me how I can fit into their program and how much they want me. I just need to pray about it and see how I feel in my heart."

JH: Can you talk about each school and what you think of them at this point?

QC: "I haven't put that together at this point. What I have done on my visits is I have taken notes. I need to go back and put it together and then when I call the coaches Tuesday if I have any other questions I will ask them then. Then Tuesday night I am going to make my decision. I have a lot of work to do to come up with the proper decision for me."

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