Basketball Star Denies Ohio Complaint

According to an article published yesterday in The Chronicle, (the Duke student newspaper), Midwest City star, and Duke basketball recruit, Sheldon Williams denies the Ohio complaint and says that the players have been falsely accused by a 19 year old woman.

Although no charges have been filed in the incident, the accusations have caused the temporary suspension of five Midwest City athletes, including OU recruit De'Angelo Alexander. The womans' complaint accused three players of rape, and named two others as material witnesses.

Columbus Ohio police spokeswoman Sherry Mercurio said Friday that the decision to file has not been made, but could come any day. "Right now it's her word against their word." Her statement indicates that there is a lack of physical evidence in the case. 

Williams said, "We were in our hotel room getting ready to go to bed, and someone came in, and things got out of hand. And then coach came in and broke and broke it up." The incident reportedly occured at 2AM.


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