Sooners await three signing day decisions

Edmond safety Reggie Smith (pictured above), Louisiana safety Nic Harris and Atlanta offensive lineman Duke Robinson will make their decisions final on Saturday. See inside for a breakdown of their recruitment and who else might still be on OU's radar on this signing day.

As you roll out of bed this morning all things look in order for the Sooners on signing day, with the exception of three to five prospects.

There are all kind of rumors swirling on linebacker Antonio Clay (Jeffersonville, Ga.) that he might be reconsidering his pledge to OU and may sign with Clemson. All I can say is that I have talked to Antonio today and there doesn't seem to be any problem, and I have talked to his Coach Dexter Copeland and there doesn't seem to be any problem.

I have booked them on my signing special on WWLS for early in the 10:00 p.m. hour and I don't know why they would come on if they weren't signing with OU. Why all of a sudden Clemson? For the longest time Antonio didn't even talk about Clemson and now he is going to consider them? Clemson is a solid program, but not anywhere close to what OU is.

Antonio is a nice guy and I am sure he still talks to people from other schools. He is nice enough to not tell the directly no, but I don't think he is considering not signing with OU. So, this doesn't make any sense. However, recruiting is wacky. If he doesn't sign with OU then it is a surprise to this reporter and to the Sooners.

At 9:30 a.m. five-star safety Reggie Smith of Sante Fe High School in Edmond, Okla. will finally let us in on his decision. My gut says Oklahoma, but it is just my gut.

This past weekend Reggie went down to Norman and spent some time with new OU signee Ben Barresi and some of the recruits that were visiting that weekend. He has made a couple of unexpected trips to Norman recently just to hang out. Smith has said enough for us to know that his decision is down to OU and Nebraska. He has also told me many times that he would make the a decision that is totally in the best interest of him.I believe Reggie is sincere with that statement and if that is the case how can he pick Nebraska over OU?

The Cornhuskers, at this time, don't matchup with OU at all and they won't for several years, probably in Reggie's playing time. Sure, Nebraska is Nebraska and they always have potential to become an elite program again, but can they under Bill Callahan? Even the Nebraska media and fans are asking that question. So, I have nothing to go on but my gut on this one, and my gut says OU because I just can't see why he would go to Nebraska.

Both teams needs safeties, but OU has both starting safeties leaving and Bob Stoops' track record with safety prospects is much better than that of the current staff of Nebraska. It seems like every safety that starts and comes out of a Bob Stoops program wins awards and plays in the NFL. Can a Callahan program say that at this time?

His parents say they will support any decision he makes. If that is the case, then the fact his dad likes John Blake becomes a non-factor. Plus, Reggie is smart enough to realize that Blake is not going to coach him at Nebraska and that the current Nebraska staff will be on shaky ground with one more mediocre record. Again, Reggie hasn't told me where he is going, but my guy says OU.

Nic Harris of Alexandria, Louisiana is still torn between OU and Michigan as he goes to bed tonight. Harris said that he talked to coaches from both schools tonight and he is still trying to make a decision. I know that visit with OU went great, but his visits with OU always go great. Harris is not going to announce his decision until 2:30 p.m. and we will know what Smith's decision is at that time. I am not sure that makes any difference or not, but I know it doesn't with Reggie. Harris has indicated he doesn't care who else signs with OU or Michigan either, but in reality who knows if it matters or not? OU still has a pretty good chance.

Then you have offensive lineman Duke Robinson of Atlanta, Ga., who told this reporter earlier tonight that OU is still on top as he heads towards signing day. I asked him if he knew where he was going to sign and he said, "Yes, I think so." Then I asked again where does Oklahoma stand at this time and he said, "They are at the top of my list and in pretty good shape."

Duke also said that he is still considering Georgia and Arkansas, and once again he pointed out that his family will support his decision. I have talked to his head coach, who certainly acted as if he expected Duke to sign with OU as he gave me stats and quotes on the big fellow. It is no secret that the coaches at Washington High want him to sign with OU.

I am convinced that Duke goes to bed tonight expecting to sigh with OU. Yes, there is pressure from home and in the community for him to sign with Georgia, but he likes OU a lot and in his mind the Sooners and Georgia aren't even close. His family say they will support any decision that he makes, and Duke says that to anybody he talks to. At 11:00 a.m., can Duke still look those folks in the eye and sign with OU. I think he can and will. At this point, this is a disappointment if he doesn't't sign with OU.

As far as tight end Aaron Cummings of Bray Doyle, Okla, well I think he is going to sign with Tulsa. OU has not offered at this point and I think he will sign with Tulsa.

Everybody else is set and ready to go. If you in the area come by O'Connells Irish Pub and Grill starting at 8:00 a.m. and we will talk recruiting until 2:00 p.m. OU Head Coach Bob Stoops says he will drop by for a few minutes at 1:30 p.m., so that will be fun.

So, signing day is still here and we have some excitement on signing day just like the old days. Folks, do you really like it better this way? Welcome to the wacky world of recruiting where anything can happen and it usually does.

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