RECRUITING: Ugoh makes his pick

Houston, Texas offensive line prospect Tony Ugoh has made a decision. Is it the Sooners or the Hogs?


JH: I understand you have made a decision on where you want to play your college football?

"I am going to Arkansas."

JH: Why Arkansas?

"I thought the coaches were real nice at Arkansas and the players were real nice and act like a team. I just felt that Arkansas was a place where I could fit in the best and I felt more comfortable at Arkansas."

JH: Was early playing time a factor?

"I could have played earlier at both places. I just chose Arkansas, because I felt it was the place for me. Again, it is hard to explain, but I just felt Arkansas was the type of school where I could fit in the best."

JH: Did you waiver at all when you talked to OU coaches today?

"I pretty much had my mind made up when the Oklahoma coaches came to visit today. They tried to talk me out of going to Arkansas, but I told them my mind was already made up and I wasn't going to change it."

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