RECRUITING: Harris says he can't go wrong with OU

Alexandria, Louisiana four-star safety Nic Harris talks about signing with Oklahoma.

Nic Harris, S, 6-3, 218, 4.5, ALEXANDRIA, LOUISIANA:

JH: I know last night you were still torn between OU and Michigan, so what happened from then until you signed with the Sooners that separated the two?

NH: "Boomer Sooner Baby! OU is the best place for me. They are just the place for me. In the end, I just thought there was no better place for me than Oklahoma."

JH: Whas there one reason that OU really stood out?

NH: "They have a great program and are close to home. It is close to home so my family will get a chance to see me play. They will get a chance to see me in person and not on TV."

JH: How tough was the decision?

NH: "It was extremely tough. I battled back and forth and back and forth. I just put myself in the hands of the Lord and stopped stressing about it. I got to the point I was stressing about it all the time and I just decided to put it in his hands and I woke up one morning and had the answer."

JH: How do you feel physically?

NH: "I am still under the weather. The day took a lot out of me because I am still weak. I will be alright. I am a survivor and I will be alright. I like to call myself Superman, but even Superman had his kryptonite, and mine was pneumonia."

JH: What kind of opportunity do you feel you will have at OU?

NH: "I think I have a great opportunity at OU and I believe the sky is the limit for me. I can't go wrong. I will probably get to Norman at the beginning in June and train for the whole month of June and then go back home for a couple of weeks. Then I will go back to Norman and train some more up until two-a-days start."

JH: How big are you right now?

NH: "I am still 6-3, but I am down to 203. I have lost 15 pounds."

JH: I have enjoyed working with you and look forward to covering you at OU.

NH: "OK, I appreciate your work, and Boomer Sooner Baby."

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