Long breaks down OU's offensive class

Oklahoma quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator Chuck Long talks about each of the Sooners' offensive recruits. Offensive lineman Duke Robinson (pictured above) chose the Sooners over Georgia and Arkansas.

Below are quotes from Oklahoma Chuck Long on the Sooners' offensive class.

Eric Huggins/WR
"Eric's a really good receiver coming from South Carolina. He's a very mature young man when you meet him. On top of his maturity, for a young guy coming in he's very impressive. Here's a guy who committed to us really early in the process and he just stayed with it. You've got to like guys like him. Along with some other receivers, he could have a chance to play right away. He's a tall receiver, great speed, great hands, very elusive. We're excited about Eric."

Manuel Johnson/WR
"Another excellent receiver for us. He reminded us a lot of Mark Clayton. He's got good quickness, excellent speed, great hands. Another very mature young man. Manuel has worked hard in high school. We're really excited about what he's going to bring to us. We don't know whether he'll be a slot receiver for us or a guy that's going to be out wide, but he does have the quickness for both. Here's a guy that led his team all the way (to a state title as a quarterback) and he's going to be a winner wherever he plays. We like guys that have played quarterback and are athletic that you can put at wide receiver. And who knows, maybe someday he'll play quarterback. We'll get him back there in the shotgun a little bit, hike him the ball and let him make some plays with his arm. There's been a lot of guys in the history of the game that have gone from athletic quarterback to wide receiver or DB that have done very, very well."

Malcolm Kelly/WR
"I told Coach (Darrell) Wyatt that this is a great group of receivers as far as maturity and work ethic for their age, and Malcolm leads the pack that way. This is a guy ... is he an incoming freshman or is he an outgoing senior? It just seems like he's a guy that would fit right in with our senior class here, in terms of maturity, work ethic and poise. Love his height, has great hands, very elusive in the open field. He's probably going to be more outside for us than inside. When you get those tall guys on the outside they're hard to cover and bump and run."

Ben Barresi/OL
"Ben is not only going to fight for a starting position, he's also our ambassador. He's a guy that's helped out with a lot of recruits and has done a great job with them. Very outgoing personality. He's really sharp and on the ball. It's a testament to the family background he comes from. They're very sharp, and Ben is as well. He's already on campus and put on some pounds in Coach Schmidt's workouts. Coach Schmidt has been very impressed with him already for an incoming freshman. When a guy comes in early it tells you a lot about his maturity and what he did in high school. He worked hard at closing his academic situation up a semester early to be here. I think he's going to be a great leader for us someday."

Brandon Braxton/OL
"We're very proud of Brandon for haniging in here the last year. He could have have gone aywhere, but he wanted to go here. He's a very athletic big man, and again we need offensive tackles."

Matt Clapp/FB
"Matt's a guy who was a need early. We've only had one fullback on scholarship up until this point with J.D. Runnels, and we need some depth there to begin with. Matt has a chance to play early, spell J.D. a little bit and then be the leader of that group in the future. Here's a guy that's an all-state linebacker, and that tells you a lot about his toughness. We like those fullbacks that have played some linebacker, because they like hitting people. He was the All-State player of the year in Arizona, so we're excited about Matt and what he brings to the table. He's about 230 pounds already. He's strong. His grandfather owns a gym, so he's a gym rat as well."

Jesse White/OL
"Comes from great lineage. His father is a pro wrestler, very tough father and mother. Father played in the NFL for years with the old Los Angeles Rams. He built his own gym in the back of the house, so he and Jesse lift weights a lot. Tough, tough player. I think he's going to be a good center or guard for us in the future, he has that kind of body. He already weighs like 290 pounds and is strong as an ox. We like his toughness and are excited about what he could bring at center and guard, because in the future we're going to need some centers."

Brandon Keith/OL
"Brandon's someone we obviously signed a couple years ago. We've known about him all along, but he's gotten even better in junior college just by playing playing football. We're excited about Brandon coming in and helping us at tackle. That's one of the positions that's always a need to protect that quarterback, protect that edge. Brandon will be one of those guys that fights for the tackle position right away. Big, tall, strong guy that will be hard to see over and hard to get around for a defensive end. We're excited about him."

Jon Cooper/OL
"Jon is more of a center/guard type for us. He's a guy that's a tough player, played both ways in high school. He was an excellent defensive tackle in high school, very tough player. Just watched tape of him the other day, and he's a guy that can pull and knock guys right out of the hole for you when we get into our counter schemes. He's a good pulling-type player. We'll probably have him at guard, but if he does end up at center we'll probably have some plays where we pull the center, like a lot of teams do."

Juaquin Iglesias/WR
"We were looking at him as a defensive back. He wants to play wide receiver, so we'll give him a chance at that. Whenever you have athletes with the exceptional hands that he has and excellent ball skills, you want to give them a chance to play wide receiver. We'll certainly give that opportunity to him. We're also excited a bout his athletic ability. He's a guy who brings some good speed to the table at that position. I just for-see him trying some slot receiver. You never know, but I certainly think he has the quickness to keep up with the other guys."

Duke Robinson/OL
"Duke will be a big prescence on our offensive line. He was a very impressive young man when he came into visit us during the year. We were very impressed with his athletic ability and how he handled himself on and off the field. He is a big guy that we project as an offensive tackle, and as you know we have a need at offensive tackle."

Aaron Cummings/TE
"He's a great athlete that's really proud to be from the state of Oklahoma and we're proud to have him from the state of Okahoma. He and his family came in this past Friday and we were impressed with how he and his family handled themselves. He's an outstanding athlete that we project as a tight end, and we have a need for a tight end. He played eight-man football and is one of the best players we've seen in that arena. We think he will adjust very well to the 11 man game."

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