Patience pays off for OU signee Cummings

Bray-Doyle, Okla. tight end Aaron Cummings talks about getting his OU offer on signing day.

Aaron Cummings, TE, 6-5, 240, 4.66, BRAY-DOYLE, OKLAHOMA:

JH: We all know that you wanted to go to OU, so what was it like when they finally called and told you that they had a scholarship for you?

AC: "I was very excited and really glad when they called, because if they didn't I was going to sign with Tulsa. When Coach (Cale) Gundy finally called I was real excited and told them that I wanted to be a Sooner. He called me about a minute after that kid (Antonio Clay) told them he was going to Clemson."

JH: Was the wait tough on you?

AC: "It was very nerve wracking because I knew I had to tell Tulsa something and I wanted to tell them something, and OU kept calling me telling me that I was going to get a scholarship. For about two days, I couldn't sleep and OU just kept calling me telling me that they thought they were going to have a scholarship for me. Then on signing day Coach Stoops kept calling me and telling me that he was pretty sure that he was going to have a scholarship for me, so I just kept waiting. That was nerve wracking, but worth it."

JH: What was the feeling among family and friends?

AC: "Everybody was happy because OU was where basically my mom and dad wanted me to go. Everybody at my school was happy too."

JH: Now that you are a Sooner how does it feel?

AC: "It is pretty cool to be a Sooner. People are calling me wanting to talk about it and people are coming up to me wanting to talk about it and that is a good feeling."

JH: How is basketball going?

AC: "We are 19-3, so we are playing pretty good. I am averaging 19 points per game and 11 rebounds, so I am averaging a double-double."

JH: When are you planning to move to Norman?

AC: "I haven't been able to talk to the coaches since signing day because they went on vacation. I am sure I will go up there in early June like everybody else. I am just waiting to hear from them so they can let me know what they want me to do."

JH: Are you still 240 pounds or has basketball made you lose a little weight?

AC: "Yes, sir I am still 6-5, 240 pounds."

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