HOOPS RECRUITING: Top junior has OU high on list

Junior guard Scottie Reynolds talks about his game, recruiting and unnoficial visit to Norman.

Scott Reynolds, G, 6'0, 185, HERNDON, VIRGINIA:

JH: How is your season going?

SR: "Yes, sir. I am having a good year, but our season isn't about that. It is about team basketball and we are 14-6. Right now we are in third place in our league and we start our district playoffs tomorrow. The top four go to regional and then the top two go to state."

JH: Do you feel you are going to be a state playoff contender?

SR: "I feel we play well anything can happen. We are good enough to get to state, but we need to play well."

JH: What are you averaging at this time?

SR: "I am averaging 33 points per game and about six assists."

JH: Do you play shooting guard?

SR: "I am actually playing point guard."

JH: Are teams recruiting you as a shooting guard or point guard?

SR: "Oklahoma is recruiting me as a point guard who can slide over to the wing in their offense. Even in my offense, point guard is just a name because we have other guards handle the ball. All of us have to just be a ball player when we step on the court and that would be the same at Oklahoma."

JH: How would you describe your game?

SR: "I am a very good up-tempo player. I push the ball after the rebounds or missed shot. When they score we take the ball out of the basketand make two passes and immediately put pressure on the other team. I can create shots for myself and for my teammates. I can get myself open for shots or my teammates open for shots. I can handle the basketball well, and that takes pressure off of everybody else."

JH: Where do you get your shots from?

SR: "I just take what the defense gives me. Some nights I might be hawking the three-point line, but others it may not be there. You must have a variety of ways to score in your game, and I think I have that. I can hit a pull-up jumper or a three-point jumper. I think one of my strengths is driving to the hoop on fast-breaks and drawing contact. I think I do a good job of getting into the lane and drawing contact anyway."

JH: What is going on in recruiting with you?

SR: "I have offers from Oklahoma, Michigan, Michigan State and I have interest Maryland, UConn, Wake Forest and Arizona."

JH: Where does Oklahoma stand in your recruiting?

SR: "I think right now Oklahoma is at the top of the list, but my options are still open."

JH: Have you visited Oklahoma yet?

SR: "I went on an unofficial visit out there and one of the things about their program was that I felt right at home. One of the big things for me is being comfortable on and off the court, and I felt that way at Oklahoma."

JH: What do you think of the program itself, the coaching staff and players on the team?

SR: "Their facilities are great. Their practice court is connected to the Lloyd Noble Center and that is good access to all the equipment and you don't have to go across town to practice. The coaching staff is great and they are still working to get to the top and win a National Championship. They practice hard every day and they are getting better every day."

JH: Have you taken unofficials to any other program?

SR: "I have also visited Michigan and NC State. Michigan is a good school and Tommy Amaker has done a good job up there. This is the first year that he has had all the guys that he recruited on his roster. I love Coach Amaker to death. He is a good coach. He is also from Virginia, you know."

JH: When are you going to take your official visits?

SR: "Right now I am not sure. I am really focused on the high school season right now. I am not worried about recruiting right now."

JH: Will you take another unofficial visit to OU?

SR: "I definitely plan to take another unofficial visit to OU. They want to bring everybody in at the same time and so I am looking forward to seeing Keith Clark and Damien James again. I played against both of those guys in AAU ball and OU is recruiting both of them. Both of them are great players. Damien is a big body and he is physical. Keith is a big guy who is a ball player."

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