HOOPS RECRUITING: PC's Henry has OU in top 3

Putnam City guard C.J Henry talks about his decision between pro baseball and college basketball.


JH: How do you feel Putnam City is playing at this point?

C.J: "It is going pretty well. We are getting better every day and starting to improve. We are starting to realize that we can win games on defense. We have been working very hard on the defensive end of the ball."

JH: How is your season going?

C.J. "It is going OK. My job has been toned down this year from last year because I have more help. I am just trying to get everybody involved this year more-so than in years past."

JH: What are you stats at this point? Are you playing the point or the wing?

C.J.: "I think I am averaging 25 points, eight boards and four assists at point guard."

JH: You are also a great baseball player and are projected very high in the next baseball draft. Which sport do you like best?

C.J.: "Right now I am just being a kid and I like to play both, but ultimately I am going to play baseball."

JH: Will you try to play pro baseball and college basketball at the same time? Or will you give up basketball if you get drafted as high as you want?

C.J.: "I will try to play college basketball, but if it doesn't work out that way then I will just play baseball. That is what I am hoping for that I get to also play college baseball."

JH: Will you try to negotiate in your pro baseball contract you college education and college basketball?

C.J.: "That might be, but right now I am not sure about that draft stuff or what ability I will have to negotiate anything. I guess that is a possibility."

JH: What are you hearing from Major League Baseball?

C.J.: "Right now it is still pretty early where I am going to get drafted. I have done quite a few in-home visits and they say that I will be given the chance to play shortstop, but if that doesn't work out they say that I can play any position. I think I can play shortstop on that level."

JH : As far as basketball recruiting goes, what schools are you interested in?

C.J.: "I am looking at Kansas, OSU, OU, Arizona, Florida and Texas. I am pretty wide open right now."

JH: What are your thoughts on OU?

C.J.: "Oklahoma is in my top three. I like the coaching staff and I like the players. I have been up there quite a bit and I like their program."

JH: Because your dad Carl Henry played at Kansas does that give the Jayhawks any kind of advantage?

C.J.: "It is a factor, but not much of one. He wants me to go to a school where I fit in and where I can play, not where he went or anything."

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