RECRUITING: Miller still thinking about decision

The latest on the decision of Fresno, Calif. defensive back Aaron Miller

AARON MILLER, Defensive Back, Fresno (Edison) California, 6-0, 185, 4.5:

It's true that Fresno, Calif. defensive back Aaron Miller is not having a press conference today, but he and his family are getting together to make a final decision where Aaron is going to play his college football.

So, it is just a matter of how you want to describe it, because when they come out of their meeting and announce their decision is it a press conference or what? Aaron said on my radio show that it is a press conference so it's a press conference.

Anyway, it still looks very good for Aaron and he did indicate in several different ways that he was committing to OU.

Going into the meeting tonight Miller still wants to commit to OU and if he has his way he will.

OU's biggest enemy is the distance factor and that is the only thing that worries his grandparents, especially his grandmother. They worry about him going so far away from home and worry about being able to see him play. Mom and Dad are cool on the idea and basically have given their blessing if he wants to go to OU. His mom continues to say that without question OU is school where Aaron wants to play his college football and that he loves the OU coaches far and away the most.

Basically the decision to come to OU has been made and it is a positive one for OU, however the travel issue is still a factor and that still has to be worked out tonight.

Aaron really wants to play at OU and he has made it clear to everyone that he wants to be a Sooner. The parents and grandparents are tired of UCLA and USC doing nothing but cutting down OU. This has been a turnoff to the family, but the distance factor still remains.

Aaron is going into the meeting tonight to work on getting his grandparents blessing. The grandparents like OU a lot, but they just worry about Aaron being so far away from home.

It will be a shock if Miller doesn't come out of that meeting with the family's blessing and a solid commitment to OU.

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