RECRUITING: Juco guard has OU among favorites

Coveted junior college point guard prospect Jamaal Brown says he'd be a good fit for Oklahoma.


JH: How is your season going?

JB: "We are still doing real well. We are 23-1 and ranked third in the country. We play two big games this weekend. We will play Salt Lake Community College twice. Hopefully, if we can win both we can hold the regional tournament."

JH: You are having an All-American year aren't you?

JB: "I am still doing well. I am still averaging 17.9 points, 8.7 assists and around four rebounds per game and three steals per game, which leads the conference. Lately, I have been having some great games rebounding pulling down seven to eight a game. I am fourth in the conference in scoring, and in assist and steals I am in first."

JH: In college basketball today, do you feel teams must have a point guard who can score?

JB: "Yes, but at the same time playing the point leaves you with a lot of responsibility. I have to score, but I also have to get my teammates into the game and I have to run the offense. The offense is much more than me. I think my game is very much like Steve Nash's in that he is a tremendous scorer, but he also does as great job getting his teammates involved with the game."

JH: What is up in recruiting?

JB: "I actually have the same schools. I like Oklahoma, Gonzaga, Illinois, Auburn, Ole Miss, Purdue, USC and UConn and Kansas have started to talk to my coaches. They are supposed to be out this weekend."

JH: Where does Oklahoma stand in your recruiting?

JB: "Oklahoma is definitely one of my favorites. Gonzaga is up there and I have to say Illinois, because they are ranked No. 1 in the country and that is back home for me. Right now I just want to finish the season and then set my five visits and make a decision off of those visits."

JH: How much do you talk to Oklahoma? Do the Sooners have a good chance to sign you?

JB: "OU has a really good chance to sign me. They came out to see me after they lost to Missouri as Coach Sampson and Coach Hoffman watched the game. They call me at least once a week and sometimes I call them more. I have watched most of their games and they have a very good program. They have a very good chance to sign me as long as they continue to show interest and continue to want me."

JH: You say that you have watched most of their games this year, so if you sign with OU how do you see your skills fitting in at OU?

JB: "Watching the Missouri game they had some problems at the guard spot just controlling the game and turning the ball over. I have to say they struggle sometimes at the guard and you can't have that in college basketball. OU has great bigs, but what I could do for them is bring a confidence that I am going to control the ball, not turn it over, and make sure that it gets into the hands of the right guy to score. If that guy is me on a certain play, then I can convert. But most of the time it is going to be somebody else on our team and OU has some outstanding players who can score. At the end of games, I love to have the ball in my hands and I am going to make sure that my team gets a good shot every time down the court.
JH: I know you almost signed with OSU out of high school, but at the last minute they pulled their scholarship offer. I understand they may be taking another run at you?

JB: "Yes, Sean (Sutton) came by to see me yesterday, in fact. It is the first time that I have talked with them since high school and I am not sure what is going to happen there. It will be very hard for them to sign me, but I have to keep all my options open. I can't close any doors."

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