RECRUITING: Mississippi RB to attend OU's camp

Lumberton, Miss. running back Terry Grant update.

Terry Grant, RB, 5'10, 185, 4.4, LUMBERTON, MISSISSIPPI:

Terry Grant is an electrifying running back who will come into this season as a rare fifth-year starter.

"My eighth grade year I had to start the first game of the season because our starting running back got into some kind of trouble," said Grant. "I started the first two games and then the starting running back came back and we alternated the rest of the season."

Last season, Grant was spectacular rushing for 2,600 yards and 38 touchdowns. Only a high ankle sprain, which limited him to a little over 600 yards, is keeping Grant from challenging the national rushing charts.

"I want to be described as Walter Payton, but most people feel I run like Clinton Portis," said Grant. "I wouldn't say that I have a bunch of moves, but I can make you miss or I can run right through you. I think I enjoy running through defenders more. My coach is wondering why I always want to gain weight, and it is because I like to run through people."

Grant can bench 330 pounds, squats 385 and runs the 100M/10.5 and 400M/50.0. Grant has been to the Florida State camp before his sophomore year and he went to LSU's camp last year.

"I plan to attend the Oklahoma camp this summer," said Grant. "I talked to them recently and they invited me to their camp. I want to check them out. I want to go back to the LSU camp and I will go Auburn's. I also will make a trip this summer back to Florida State, but it is not to go to there camp, I just want to hang out."

Thus far, Mississippi State and Ole Miss are the only two schools that have offered him, but that will soon change.

"I expect to get a lot more offers soon," said Grant. "I have talked to Oklahoma a lot and I know they are going to offer me soon. I like Oklahoma a lot. (Adrian) Peterson will be coming out right at the exact time that I can be moving in."

Does the fact that Peterson had so much success running the football last year makes you give OU a better look.

"Yes, it does, especially the fact that he is a true freshman," said Grant. "It also shows that Oklahoma knows how to run the football and they know how to win. Oklahoma has been one of the best teams in college football the last four years."

Grant still needs the test to qualify, but he does well in school. He will re-take the test in April.

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