Stoops discusses coaching changes, player rumors

See inside for a transcript of Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops' brief meeting with the media on Tuesday. Stoops discusses the hiring of Georgia defensive ends coach Jon Fabris and how it will effect the rest of the Sooner coaching staff, as well as several other topics and palyer rumors. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

OU Head Coach Bob Stoops talked to a small group of the media today on the hiring of new defensive end coach Jon Fabris and a few other subjects regarding Sooner football. The following is a transcript of that conversation.

JH: Bob, could you talk about the hiring of Jon Fabris as your new defensive ends coach?

BS: "I am excited about having Jon joining us. He is a guy that has an extensive background and a proven track record of success everywhere that he has been. Jon has a lot of energy and spirit. He will work with the defensive ends and he has a great deal of special team experience as well, which was very attractive to us."

MEDIA: Will Coach Fabris have a coordinator title with special teams?

BS: "No, but he will be responsible for certain teams (punt return and punt coverage) like we have always done. We have always had a certain group of guys (coaches) responsible for these teams. Jon will have a strong impact on special teams."

MEDIA: Mike (Stoops) and Brent (Venables) had a relationship with Coach Fabris, is that right?

BS: "Yeah, he coached with Mike and Brent for a period of time at Kansas State."

MEDIA: So he was a guy that you were pretty familiar with from that standpoint?

BS: "Yeah, I have known Jon since their working relationship at Kansas State. I like the fact that he is familiar with our system and what we do."

JH: Bob, to make this move you moved Bobby Jack Wright to be the secondary coach, so you much have a lot of confidence in Coach Wright to make that transition?

BS: "Yes, I really do have a great deal of confidence in Coach Wright. Bobby has been sitting in all of our meetings with us from day one for six straight years now. He knows everything that we have been talking about defensively from the back to the front. He has experience working with the secondary before (Texas), and he is a very bright and sharp guy. So, yeah, I think Bobby will do a great job working with the secondary. Again, I like the balance of it because he has a good feel for how we have played and what we do. I believe that it will be an excellent fit."

MEDIA: What was the single most quality that made Jon stand out?

BS: "What stood out with Jon is his great experience that he has when you look at the number of years and quality of play. He coached a great number of defensive ends who are in the NFL, and even with what he has done with David Pollock at Georgia, who is soon to be in the NFL. Then, what he did with the D-ends at Kansas State, who were excellent players.

"His track record is excellent and I also know that he has a great feel and understanding of how we play defense and how we coach it. Talking to Mike and Brent, he is a guy that coaches very much like we do and has a lot of energy, but he also has a great background with professional teams. To me, that was another strong factor."

MEDIA: Did you look at both defensive back coaches and at defensive end coaches?

BS: "Sure, I thought long and hard about this situation and I didn't rush into anything. I thought about what would be the best for us continuity wise and for consistency for a long period of time. I believe this gives us great stability and great experience in both areas and a relatively smooth transition."

MEDIA: Bob, did Brent basically push this through, and then you put your name on the bottom line?

BS: (Laughing as the reporter finishing the question) Gosh, are you kidding me? Where do you guys get this stuff? I am the only one that hires people here. That is always how it has been and how it will always stay. Those guys have some input (defensive staff). If am thinking one thing I run it by them to see what their feeling is. But no, there isn't anybody who has put this in front of me. This was something that I was thinking of and once I was sure whether I wanted to hire a secondary guy or a defensive end guy, that was the way it would go. So, that is it."

MEDIA: Did you have Jon in mind basically for a long time?

BS: "Yes, he is somebody that I thought of in the past. In fact, when I hired Bo Pelini a year ago it was something that I brought up to some people. I rolled it around in my mind even then, but I decided to go with Bo and that worked out well to."

MEDIA: Did Mike try to hire him at Arizona last year?

BS: "I don't know of that for sure. I don't speak on anybody else's part. However, it wouldn't surprise me."

MEDIA: Will Brent be the Defensive Coordinator? Will he have a co-title anymore?

BS: "Brent is the defensive coordinator."

MEDIA: You guys have never put a whole lot of stock in titles, but does it mean anything that Brent becomes the sole coordinator on defense?

BS: "It will be the same as we have worked here for six years. All of us will be in the room and we will all put a gameplan together, and then one guy will ultimately make the game decision. However, it never happens, just like on offense. You guys make too much of the coordinator title. All the guys work to get things straight."

JH: Will you continue to work in the secondary yourself?

BS: "Just like I always have."

JH: You mentioned stability a minute ago where you looking to hire somebody that would be with you for a while...

BS: "You never know where things are going to go, but I think it gives us an opportunity to have some consistency and to not have to much turn over, but you never know."

MEDIA: Has Moe Dampeer been kicked off the team?

BS: "That is something that I am not going to comment on just yet. Moe hasn't been participating with us and I don't anticipate him being with us in the spring."

MEDIA: Is that a setback for the defensive tackle area?
BS: "No. You can count up the number of snaps that he played or would be expected to play, and I believe that we still have strong guys that will get those reps and be strong next year."

MEDIA: Did he basically run out of chances?

BS: "It is fair to say that he consistently is not doing the things that we feel are necessary to be a part of this team and to play on the field. That is going to class, workouts and all of those things."

MEDIA: When do you anticipate Jon making it in?

BS: "Probably by the end of the week."

MEDIA: George Schroeder did a story on Trey DiCarlo (leaving the team), but Kenny (Mossman) said you weren't ready to announce that yet. Has that been confirmed at this time?

BS: "No, it hasn't."

MEDIA: Has Antonn Reid left the team?

BS: "Yes."

MEDIA: Tony Cade?

BS: "He is here working and doing a great job."

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