Stoops set staff, gives Wright new title

Oklahoma defensive coach Bobby Jack Wright adds more to his title than defensive backs coach.

During yesterday's meeting with the media, OU Head Coach Bob Stoops said that Brent Venables would be the Defensive Coordinator. That means that Brent will call plays on Saturday's and he will make all final decisions regarding the defense.

However, what Coach Stoops didn't tell us was that Bobby Jack Wright was given the title of Co-Defensive Coordinator. That does not mean that Venables is a Co-Coordinator, because he is now the Defensive Coordinator at OU. Tthis marks the first time since Coach Stoops has been the head coach at OU that the main coordinator has not had the co-coordinator added to his title.

However, Coach Wright has added the Co-Defensive Coordinator title, so OU has changed their title structure within the defense. Notice that Coach Venables is Associate Head Coach (see below), while Coach Wright is Assistant Head Coach.

Also, Kevin Wilson has the title of offensive line coach and Co-Offensive Coordinator. In reality, he is the Run Game Coordinator, but now he is called the Co-Offensive Coordinator. But make no mistake about it, Chuck Long is the Sooners' Offensive Coordinator.

Once you know who the coordinators are and what coach is coaching what position, titles really don't mean anything on the practice field. However, titles do mean something off the field and in the checkbook, and that does matter to coaches.

Below is the official list of OU 2005 staff with the updated titles, which was released by OU Sports Information Director Kenny Mossman on Wednesday.


Head Coach

• Bob Stoops (Iowa, ‘83)
Record at OU (years): 67-12 (6)
Career Record (years): 67-12 (6)

Assistant Coaches

• Brent Venables (Kansas State ‘92)
Associate Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers

• Chuck Long (Iowa ‘85)
Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks

• Bobby Jack Wright (SW Texas State ‘80) Asst. Head Coach/Recruiting Coordinator/Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs

• John Fabris (Mississippi '80)
Defensive Ends

• Cale Gundy (Oklahoma ‘94)
Running Backs

• Jackie Shipp (Langston ‘92)
Defensive Line

• Kevin Sumlin (Purdue '86)
Tight Ends

• Kevin Wilson (North Carolina ‘84) Offensive line/Co-offensive Coordinator

• Darrell Wyatt (Kansas State '88) Wide Receivers

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