RECRUITING: Louisiana RB not afraid of Peterson

Jonesboro, La. RB Charles Scott compares his game to that of the Baltimore Ravens' Jamal Lewis.


There are always all kinds of running backs every year who have different styles. Jonesboro, La. running back Charles Scott goes into the big back category. At 225 pounds, Scott is a big back who has great speed and makes defensive backs pay on the back end.

Already regarded as one of the very best in the country, Scott is a four-year starter who started as a freshman at fullback. He began his sophomore year at fullback as well, but when the starting tailback ran into trouble Scott moved took his place and has never looked back.

Last year, Scott rushed for 1,673 yards and 18 touchdowns.

"A lot of people that know me say that I run like Jamal Lewis," said Scott. "I like that comparison because Jamal is a great running back. I like to run with power, but I can make people miss. I can run away from people to, but when it is short-yardage and I need two yards for a first down, then I am going to lower my head and get that first down."

Scott can bench 320 pounds, squats 405 and has a 27-inch vertical jump. Scott is the sixth man in hoops, starts at second base in baseball, and in track he runs in the 200M and is the second leg on the 4X100 relay.

Scott has been offered by LSU, Oklahoma and Duke, but he knows more are on the way.

"Of course, I like Oklahoma a lot," said Scott. "I also like LSU and Auburn. My top three right now are Oklahoma, LSU and Auburn.

"Oklahoma is a good program and they do well every year. They also have a great running game and they know how to use their running backs. Adrian Peterson had a great year at Oklahoma last year and I am sure he will be leaving after his junior year. The fact he is there wouldn't keep me from going to Oklahoma. In fact, I would go and try as hard as I could to beat him out. I am not saying that I can, but I would try and at least would push him to get better, and I would without question get better."

Scott has already qualified and is an outstanding student.

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