RECRUITING: Texas RB needs early playing time

Coppell, Texas running back Emmanuel Moody update.


For any running back, the ability to make a defender miss always gives that skill player an advantage, and Emmanuel Moody is the best in Texas and one of the very best in the country at making defenders miss.

Like former OU All-American running back Joe Washington in the mid-70s, Moody is blessed with great moves and speed. Moody rushed for 1,392 yards and 12 touchdowns a year ago.

"I think I can do anything with my running game," said Moody. "I can run you over. I can make you miss. I can run inside and outside, and I can catch the ball. I can be a teams' every down running back. I love getting physical, but there are a lot of runs where I am zagging people and making them miss.

"When I was young I loved to run like Barry Sanders, and some people say I still run like Barry Sanders. I can lower my shoulder and make a defender pay for trying to tackle me."

Moody is a raw talent in that he just broke into the Texas prep scene a year ago. He hasn't found his groove on special teams, but there is no reason why he can't be a great kick and punt returner. However, the coaches at Coppell fear injuries in the return game with Moody, so they leave him off those units.

Moody can bench 320 pounds, squats 510, and he posted a 38-inch vertical jump. Moody has never been to a football camp, but he plans to go to the Nike camp at TCU this summer.

Moody has been offered by Texas, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, OU, LSU and Georgia Tech thus far.

"I already have a top three because a top five is too many schools, "said Moody. "I know that some kids want to think about five schools, but that doesn't make any sense to me. My top three are Texas, Texas A&M and USC. USC just jumped into the recruiting process and started to recruit me, and I like their program a lot.

"Oklahoma is a great school, but they have Adrian Peterson. I have talked to Bob Stoops and he told me that he (AD) would be leaving after his junior year, and that I could come in and get some playing time my freshman year like KeJuan Jones is right now. But that is still a problem for me. I can't see myself backing anybody up. I have never played behind another running back.

"I just think I can be the top running back for some program and I know I can find that program where that can happen for me. I want to go to a program where I will have a chance to start right away or play a great deal, and I just can't see that at Oklahoma. I think at Texas or Texas A&M that can happen."

Moody has been fighting a bad case of bronchitis for the past month or so and he has already qualified.

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