RECRUITING: Texas QB likes OU's offense, tradition

Dallas, Texas quarterback Matthew Stafford talks about his game, an early list of favorites, his interest in Oklahoma and the rumors of a potential leader.


Matthew Stafford is a well-know name by now. Stafford is regarded as the top quarterback in Texas and one of the very best quarterbacks in the country.

Stafford heads into his third year as the starter at Highland Park, and going in he has thrown for 4,980 yards and 56 touchdowns. He has also rushed for another 12 touchdowns. This past season Stafford also rushed for 250 yards and proved that he has a versatile all-around game.

"I have good size and that helps me in a number of ways," said Stafford. "I think I have a strong arm and a quick release, and I can run if I need to. We run a four-wide offense here at Highland Park. I think I am better in a passing offense, but I am good under center as well and can run any passing offense."

As a sophomore, Stafford put up incredible numbers throwing for 3,180 and 31 touchdowns. Working within a limited offense, Stafford finished with 1,800 yards and 18 touchdowns passing. He benches 250 pounds, squats 350 and he has a vertical of 29 ½ inches.

Stafford recently attended the Scout Network Army Combine in San Antonio and that was the first combine he every attended. Stafford is going to go to the TCU Nike Camp and he hopes to get invited to the Elite 11 camp in California.

Stafford was the starting shortstop for the Highland Park Baseball Team his freshman and sophomore year, but gave up all other sports to concentrate on football.

He has already received roughly 15 scholarship offers at this point and is keeping an open mind on the subject of recruiting.

"I am keeping an open mind at this point. I don't have a favorite at all," said Stafford. "I am looking at, in no particular order, Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Georgia, Florida State, Michigan and Georgia Tech. I am still open to anybody that wants to talk to me. I hope to talk to a number of schools before the process is over."

Oklahoma is back in the market for a quarterback this year and the Sooners have Stafford's attention.

"I think they have a great football team and a great tradition," said Stafford. "They have great coaches and it would be an honor to play for them. They have such a great tradition. Oklahoma is a school that I will definitely consider. I am looking for an offense that runs a pro-style offense, and Oklahoma and all the schools that I am considering run the style of offense that I like to run."

Many believe that Stafford is an early lean to Florida State, but he points out he is not a lean to any school at this point.

"My mom is from Florida and my dad is from Ohio, and both went to Florida State. My dad then earned his masters at Georgia. I know it has been written that I am leaning to Florida State or something, but that has been blown out of proportion. I grew up a Florida State fan when I was young, but as I have grown up I have become more of a college football fan and have grown to like a number of teams."

Stafford is a good student and is not going to have any trouble qualifying.

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