RECRUITING: Dallas RB/LB a man among boys

Dallas, Texas athlete Sergio Kindle just very well might be the best junior prospect in Texas.


Many feel that Sergio Kindle is the best football player in Texas, and when people start talking like that then you know this guy can play.

Kindle is a super prospect who is being recruited on both sides of the ball. Some like him as a tailback while others like him as a linebacker, but no matter what side of the ball he winds up on the bottom line is that he can really play.

"I will play wherever they put me," said Kindle. "I have been going both ways since I was six years old and I think I play both running back and linebacker equally. I have carried the ball several times at tailback and then switched over and made three straight tackles on defense.

"I have a number of colleges telling me that I can come in and start on either side of the ball, but to be honest I think it is about a 55 percent ratio that is recruiting me on offense."

Last season Kindle rushed for 1,825 yards and 25 touchdowns. On defense, Kindle recorded 126 tackles, eight sacks, 15 tackles for loss and two caused fumbles. Kindle can bench 315 pounds, squats over 500 and he the starting center on the basketball team.

"I can jump pretty high and can dunk easily, so I play the center position for us," said Kindle. "I have a low center of gravity which I think helps me inside, and my strength is a big advantage for me. I average eight points and 10.8 rebounds a game, but scoring is not my game. I am more of a defensive player for us."

In track, Kindle participates in the the 400M (49.0), 4X400 relay and the long jump. Kindle has been offered by 13 schools at this point, but he knows things are just getting started.

"Some people think recruiting is rough on me, but I am not really worried about it," said Kindle. "I am trying to focus on my books so that I can qualify and move on to the next level. I am wide open at this point and really don't have a favorite.

"I have been offered by Texas, LSU, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Wisconsin, SMU and Baylor off the top of my head."

What are his early thoughts on Oklahoma?

"I really can't say how interested I am in Oklahoma, but there is a strong possibility that I will visit there. Oklahoma is a great program and they put a lot of players into the league, which is a turn-on for me.

"The only thing that hurts me with Oklahoma is playing time. I don't want to be redshirted. I am not sure what Oklahoma has in terms of depth at the positions that I play, but I know they have good players."

Since recruiting is so new to Kindle, he is still trying to put together what he will be looking for in the recruiting process.

"I know I don't want to play in cold weather," said Kindle. "I don't to go to college where that town is based around that college. I want to go to a college that is based in a city or close to a city."

Kindle will take the ACT in May.

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