HOOPS RECRUITING: Rush visit confirmed by coach

Brandon Rush's AAU — John Walker — talks about his former stars' game and OU's chances to sign him.

Brandon Rush, a 6-foot-6 guard from Mt. Zion Christian Academy in North Carlolina, is one of the hottest unsigned commodities available.

Rush, who transferred to Mt. Zion from Rockhurst High School in Kansas City two years ago, is the brother of former UCLA star Jaron Rush and current Charlotte Bobcat guard Kareem Rush.

Nobody knows Rush better than his AAU coach John Walker, and Walker talked to OUInsider.com about the latest basketball star from the Rush family.

JH: Is Brandon the best talent among the three Rush brothers?

JW: "That is a tough question. I have seen the three and I always answer it the same, and that is until Brandon actually does something I can't say he is better than Kareem. Kareem has put up a few numbers in the league and he is in the league, and right now Brandon hasn't done anything in the league. JaRon was very good as well, but I still think Brandon needs to go prove that he is better than his brothers."

JH: How would you describe Brandon's game?

JW: "He is an intelligent player. There has been a misconception about his style of play. I don't' think you will find a better person who understands the nuances of basketball. I think sometimes he tries so hard to be a team player that he gets lost in that. He should use his ability to take over the game more than he does. If he is on top of his game in every game, he is going to lead the game in five of the six statistical categories. He is going to lead the game in scoring, rebounding, assists, blocks and steals.

"His game reminds me of David Thompson or Sidney Moncreif. He is a great kid who is a little misunderstood. He doesn't let a lot of people in his world, but when he does you will find that he is a great kid. He plays with the innate ability that is hard for people to understand, because very few people understand the game better than him."

JH: Who is he really considering in recruiting?

JW: "When the summer sessions came about they hyped him as being an NBA prodigy, and his focus wasn't there. He told me in the summer that because of that talk nobody was recruiting him. That shocked me because Brandon's focus has always been to play college basketball. However, because of that perception he has never had an opportunity until now to get involved with college coaches. But now he can because schools do understand that he is available and does want to go to school.

"OU has been in there since day one and that has been great for him. Louisville is another school that he has an interest in, and he has a friend at UNLV that has been able to get him interested in them. The last school is Indiana, because during the summer circuit he has been to Indiana and Mike (Davis) has got to know him pretty well. He does kind of have a feel for Indiana because he has been there so much."

JH: Does OU have a good chance to sign Brandon?

JW: "OU's chances are as good as any school that is recruiting him, and when he visits on April 9th it will be the first official visit that he ever takes in his life. So, you have to believe that OU has a chance."

JH: What is he averaging at this time and what did he average for you this summer?

JW: "He is averaging 21.7 points, eight rebounds, six assists and three steals. For me, this summer he averaged 28.2 points and 12 rebounds. When he went to the U.S. Olympic Festival this past summer, he was the only non-center or forward to average in double figures, and he led the camp in 33 minutes per game."

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