Stoops says Sooners built class around speed

Excerpts from Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops' press conference on signing day

On the overall class
Very pleased the athleticism, the speed and quickness of the group. That's a priority for us at every position, regardless of position. We want everybody to be able to run and have the speed that you look for to be successful. And this group really seems to have that.

On the quarterbacks
Very athletic, both of them basketball players. Guys that change direction. One is a seven-foot high jumper in Paul Thompson. Excellent speed while being able to throw. Noah Allen — a guy that again, great statistics through high school throwing the ball and winning as well. Excellent athlete.

On the receivers
When you look at JeJuan Rankins, Travis Wilson and Dabryan Blanton, all very athletic. DaBryan Blanton may be the fastest high school prospect in America. I'd like to see one faster. JeJuan Rankins is a guy that is an exceptional athlete, maybe one of the best receivers in the ACC/SEC country out on the east coast. Travis Wilson — a guy we've had in camp. Extremely powerful. Has great size and power as a receiver. A guy we've been excited about since last summers camp.

On the tight ends and fullbacks
J.D Runnells and Lanear Nixon, big powerful guys that can run. Pleased with them.

On the offensive lineman Got four guys, also very athletic. Chris Messner — big guy that plays quarterback, d-end and is going to fill out and be an excellent offensive lineman. Steve Taylor already has the size and strength along with Jeff Lebby. Big strong tackle types.

Abner Estrada is a guy that we're extremely excited about in that we were in a fight initially with Miami and Nebraska. A guy that may pull, run and change direction as an inside offensive lineman, whether it be guard or center. May be the best I've watched in the last three years. Has excellent feet for a big man.

On the linebackers The four guys there are all excellent athletes. Power, quickness, everything we want in a linebacker.

Two guys that are already here and working with us that helps for spring ball — Pasha Jackson and Lance Mitchell. Guys that have some maturity to them already, have some strength and speed to impact us right away. These guys being in winter conditioning and spring ball, I think will help boost the team. The other guys, Wayne Chambers and Rufus Alexander, excellent athletic type guys.

On the defensive linemen
Davin Joseph — big, powerful defensive lineman. Here's a guy, 6-5, 275, that runs well, changes direction, powerful. What I love is that he was a national champion heavy weight wrestler as a junior. That says a lot to be a national champion. The guy has an opportunity to be a national champion and someday who knows, maybe an olympic wrestler. And at the heavyweight division tells the kind of work ethic and toughness he has.

Larry Birdine, Calvin Thibodeaux and Zach Latimer — all guys that are very athletic. Defensive end was a position where we needed some depth and some players to be able to help us this year. And hopefully they will.

On the defensive backs Got four that are awfully good. Brodney Poole — a big guy 6-3, 200 pounds that has size and speed. Excellent running back, excellent athlete.
And then you go to Aaron Miller, Michael Hawkins and Jason Carter. You look at Miller and Hawkins, here are 6-1, 6-2 guys with excellent quickness and ability. Jason Carter as well is right at 5-11, 6-0. So all have good size, can move around and play different positions.

On kicker Josh Roberts One of the top kickers in the country. I'm always careful to say who is the best, but he is among them. In talking to all the kicking specialists around the country, going into this year everybody had him as one of their top guys. He's a guy that will have a chance to make an impact on our team this year.

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