RECRUITING: OU in Texas Giant's top five

Dallas, Texas offensive lineman Curtis Bailey his interest in Oklahoma.


In Texas, they always have some of the best offensive linemen in the country, and this year Curtis Bailey is the best of the best. We always talk about how players are getting bigger every year, and Bailey certainly fits that theory. Bailey stepped into the starting line-up at left tackle last year after lettering as a freshman and a sophomore.

"The first time I stepped on the field was in the seventh grade," said Bailey. "I wanted to play football when I was little, but we never had the money so I couldn't afford to play Pop Warner or anything. I didn't even step on the field until I was in the seventh grade. I had no idea what I was doing. It wasn't until I got to Carter that I really started to learn some football.

"I am blessed in that we got a new group of coaches my freshman year at Carter and they have always been supportive and motivated me. I have learned a great deal about football from them and they have taught me a great deal. Last year was my first year to really put everything together and I think I had a pretty good year last season. I hope to have a better year this season."

Bailey, who benches 365 pounds, attended the UT summer camp last summer. Bailey has been offered by Nebraska, OU and Colorado State. Bailey is very interested in the recruiting process.

"I don't have a top five yet, but I will pretty soon," said Bailey. "I am looking at Texas, Nebraska, USC, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and OU. I prefer to stay in Texas, but it is not a high priority. I don't have a clear cut favorite, but those schools that I mentioned are schools I am looking at.

"I am looking pretty hard at Oklahoma. They have a good program. Right now I would say that they are in my top five, but that top five is changing all the time. I am pretty sure I will visit OU."

Curtis plans to participate in the Nike combine at TCU and the MSL combine. Bailey is a good student who shouldn't have any problem qualifying.

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