Two Minute Drill: QB Rhett Bomar

Freshman quarterback Rhett Bomar talks about his redshirt season, the adjustment from the scout team to competing for the starting job, his first week of practice, and OU's receiver corp. (AP Photo/J. Pat Carter)

Redshirt freshman quarterback Rhett Bomar is finally getting a chance to show what he can do in the field. After coming to Oklahoma as one of the most ballyhooed quarterbacks in the country, Bomar showed he was a team player giving 100 percent on the scout team a year ago as a redshirt. In fact, Bomar was so impressive to his Sooner teammates and coaches that his stock jumped with them up to a veteran level.

This spring Bomar has jumped right in the middle of a very competitive quarterback derby with junior Paul Thompson and sophomore Tommy Grady, both of which are two outstanding quarterback prospects in their own right. After practice on Monday, Bomar stopped to talk to for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: You have been looking to be a part of the varsity for an entire year. How have the first four days been for you?

RB: "They have gone well, I think. I have had my plays where I have struggled at times, but I am just happy to be out here competing. I had to sit out this past year and that was rough because I am a competitor and I want to be out here playing. It has been fun getting a chance, but most of all I am having fun just competing."

JH: You don't look uncomfortable at all, so do you already understand the offense completely?

RB: "I know the offense and that is not a problem. I know everything and I feel comfortable around the players now. I feel they feel comfortable around me this spring. I am having fun and I am not nervous at all."

JH: What do you think of your performance up to this point this spring?

RB: "I think I am doing well, to tell you the truth. Again, this is my first competitive action in about a year so I think I have done well. I am just looking to come out here and improve every day and give it my best."

JH: How much of an adjustment do you have to make competing against the varsity defense?

RB: "This defense is so much quicker than what I saw in high school, and that was the last defense I really saw a while ago. That is the thing at this level — you have to get your timing down against the speed of the game. Let's face it, you have guys like Dusty Dvoracek coming through there at 100 miles per hour and you can hear him coming on his bullrush and that forces us to get the ball off quicker. But that is what makes this competition so exciting."

JH: Has Dusty talked any trash to you yet?

RB: "No, he doesn't talk any trash. He is cool. I like him a lot. He is a teammate first, but he loves to play this game just like I do."

JH: How is the offense coming together at this point?

RB: "It is coming together well. We do have a lot of young guys at wide receiver, but they know what they are doing and they are working their way in there. I think the new stuff that we have added is going to help us a lot. I think we are clicking really well right now."

JH: You ran the scout team a year ago, so did that give you any idea what you would be facing this year?

RB: "Yeah, it has gone well in my first real true experience on the college level. Last year, I learned the offense and that has been key for me this year. That has helped me a lot because I know the plays and I can just go out there and perform."

JH: You are competing against two other very good quarterbacks, so what do you feel about the competition that you are going up against?

RB: "It has been fun because I am a competitor. Competition makes each player better, and all I can do is come out here and do my best. I can't take any play off. I have to go hard all the time because any of us can slip up and guys can pass us by."

JH: Do you find yourself having to take a deep breath because you realize after redshirting that now it is your time to show what you can do?

RB: "I do sometimes, but I forgot it in a hurry. It was worth redshirting last year because as hard as it was, I had a great guy to learn from in Jason White. I learned a lot by asking him questions all the time. I learned everything that I could from him and he helped me out a lot. It was tough, but I am out here now competing and just enjoying every minute."

JH: I know your goal is to be the starter, so what do you have to accomplish in the next three weeks?

RB: "I wouldn't say there is one thing. I would say I have to get better every day and improve every day. I need to limit my mistakes every day and basically try to come out here and be perfect every day if I want to play. That is what my goal is this spring."

JH: How is the receiving corp coming together?

RB: "It is coming together well actually. All of those guys are so talented, and it is not like we are rebuilding. We have talented guys that are capable of making plays any time that we need them. It helped a lot during seven-on-seven in the offseason that we got together about three days a week and worked on what we need to do to get our timing down with the new guys. That helped out a lot, so I think we are going to be fine right there."

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