Two Minute Drill: Chuck Long

Oklahoma's Offensive Coordinator talks about this spring's quarterback race after five practices.

OU Offensive Coordinator Chuck Long watched Tommy Grady have his best day of the spring, Paul Thompson remain steady and Rhett Bomar struggle for the first time after the Sooners fifth practice of the spring. The offense had a pretty good day, and in the end all three quarterbacks were able to find some success.

After practice, Coach Long answered several questions that many of the members of have been asking for the Two Minute Drill.

OUIN: Do you as a staff talk about the possibility that one or two of the quarterbacks will transfer if they are not named the starter?

CL: "Right now we are not talking about that. Those three guys all have great futures, and I like them all. I think they are all good players and all three are going to help us at some point and time. I am excited to be coaching them right now. They are going to keep me going for the next several years."

OUIN: Is there a pecking order? And if there is, where is it at this time?

CL: "There is no pecking order, absolutely not. It is all even and wide open and they are all getting equal reps. We have evaluations going on every day and every week, and at the end of spring ball we will have a bigger evaluation."

OUIN: Would you like to name a starter by the end of spring?

CL: Not necessarily. I think if we had our druthers I would prefer it going into the fall because we like the competition. I especially like the competition to continue over the course of the summer when the coaches aren't around and they still have to keep that competitive edge all the way through training camp. We did that with Nate and Jason for a couple of years, and we would like to have that happen again if possible.

"If there is a clear frontrunner by the end of spring, then we certainly wouldn't cheat him and maybe we would name a starter. Right now we would like to keep that thing going, and the way it is panning out it probably will."

OUIN: How far do you feel the quarterbacks have come at this point?

CL: "So far I think they have grasp things really well. I tried to push the envelope a little bit today by adding some things to see what they could handle. I wanted to see what each guy is capable of doing, as far as absorbing plays, and all three of them have done a good job of meeting that challenge."

OUIN: Adrian Peterson is not going through practice, and Kejuan Jones was in class tonight, so how did the running game shape up today and how is it coming along this spring?

CL: "I think it is going well, and it gives us a chance to look at guys like Jacob Gutierrez and Donta Hickson, who have been here a while. We also know what Kejuan can do, but it gives us a chance to look at some of the young guys and Jacob has been performing well for us."

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