Rolle excited about upcoming trip to Norman

Princeton, N.J. cornerback Myron Rolle, arguably the top junior prospect in America, talks about what he'll be looking for and his itinerary for for his visit to Norman this weekend.

Myron Rolle, CB, 6'2 ½, 216, 4.49, PRINCETON (THE HUN HS), NEW JERSEY:

JH: Are you still planning to make your unofficial visit to OU this weekend?

MR: "Yes, we leave at 6:40 a.m and hope to be in Norman before noon."

JH: You have been recruited by Oklahoma for the past two years and they were the first school to offer you as a sophomore. You have talked to the OU coaches often and you developed a good friendship with Coach Stoops, so I would think that you are very excited about visiting Oklahoma this weekend?

MR: "All day long at school today I couldn't concentrate because I was thinking about this visit. It is has been a long time in the making. I am excited because my family is making the trip with me. This is going to be a family decision and it is important that my family gets a chance to experience OU with me, and for them to develop their own feelings about Oklahoma. We have been thinking about Oklahoma for some time and I have been there a couple of times. This will be the most important visit for us up to this point and one that I have been anticipating for some time."

JH: What do you hope to accomplish with this visit?

MR: "I just want to experience life at the University of Oklahoma and get a feel for what it is like to be a student/athlete at OU. I want to take a close look at the college, the campus life, Norman and experience everything that I can so that I can get a good feel what it is like to go to school at OU. I am bringing my family along so that they can experience with me what the education experience is like at OU, and what being a student/athlete at OU is all about.

"I want them to develop their own opinions about OU and develop their own feelings about OU, because we are a family, and just because I am going to college, but that does not mean we will stop being a family. In many ways, my family will be right there with me and play a big role in my decision. Ultimately, the decision will be mine, but I will listen to may families input.

"I have an itinerary already laid out. I will meet with Coach Stoops and Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright, President Boren, the team trainers and surgeons and Teresa Turner in the Academic Center. I also look forward to talking to Coach Jerry Schmidt to find out about his strength and conditioning program. I want to talk to as many of the players as I can and to as many students as I can. I hope to meet with a professor or two as well. (Editors Note: Myron's brother, McKinley, plans to do his graduate work where Myron goes to school. Myron's father told me that the family will look around at property to get a feel what will be available in case Myron signs with OU. He says the family will by a house in the town where Myron goes to go school, so that Myron and his brother can live there and so that the family can have a place to stay when they come in for games.)

JH: I know you know a lot about the football team already, but what will you look for within the football program through the weekend?

MR: "I do know a lot about their football program, but I want to experience what it is like to be a part of the team, what they do at practice, what their meetings are like. I want to watch Coach Wright in the secondary and see what kind of drills that he uses and how the players interact with him and how he interacts with them. I want to watch the cornerbacks and see how they perform and see how they go through practice. I want to learn more about the entire defensive package and talk to Coach Venables. I want to watch the attitude at practice and learn how the team tries to get better. I just want to get a feel what OU does at their practice and then watch their talent at the scrimmage."

JH: How is your training going and what sport are you into at the moment?

MR: "Right now I am running track and running the 200-meters (21.7) and on the relays. We are just now getting some good weather so that we can post some better times. I was timed for the first time in the 100-meters the other day and I ran a 10.6.

"On Thursday and Friday, I work totally on football. I work with a personal trainer and he puts through all the cornerback drills that I picked up at football camps. We do a lot of speed drills of various kinds and then we do weight work. That gets pretty intense and I can already see a major difference in my body as I have put on six pounds of muscle."

JH: Is your unofficial visit to OU going to be your only visit this spring?

MR: "No, I will go to Miami next weekend and then go to Michigan the following weekend. I hope to visit Florida and Florida State in May."

JH: Are the five schools who you are taking unofficials to the five schools where you decision will come from? Do you still hope to make a decision before the start of your senior year?

MR: "Yes, these are my top five schools and I will choose one of them. I hope to be able to take the information that I gather from the visits and make a decision on where I want to go to school. I would like to make that decision by the end of the summer so that I can concentrate on my senior year. I don't have to do that, but if I don't know for sure where I want to go to school, then I will continue to think about it during the school year until I feel totally confident that I know where I want to go."

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