Samuel Clemens coach talks about OU's first commit

Oklahoma commit James Henry's high school coach — Robert Lehnhoff — breaks down his stars' game.

The Sooners earned their first verbal today from James Henry, an athlete from Samuel Clemens High School in Schertz, Texas. Robert Lehnhoff, who is now the Athletic Director over two schools in the school district, was Henry's coach last season. Coach Lenhoff talked to about the future Sooners.

JH : What kind of player are the Sooners going to get in James Henry?

RL: "James is a great player for us. He started for us as a sophomore and came into the game against Judson and played defense mainly for us. He came in and had some great big plays against Judson and we were able to beat them. Then we went into the state semi-finals. This year he was a running back only for us and we used him sparingly on defense. He had a pretty successful year, but he didn't have the yards that some people thought that he should have, but we didn't overdo him.

"Right now he has had a hamstring pull from some early track meets. He went to an indoor meet in Louisiana and pulled his hamstring, so he hasn't really had a chance to run in track. We have been resting him and we will continue to do that one more week and then let him go next week. James can play a lot of positions. He is a good-sized kid at 6-2 and 205 to 210 pounds, and he is just a tremendous young man."

JH: At the end of last year he was at 190 pounds, so he has worked hard in the weight room it sounds like?

RL: "He does work hard in the weight room and it is just his natural growth. He has a good frame and he is just now growing into it."

JH: What were his stats last year?

RL: "He probably had about 1,600 yards last year, and some people were disappointed in that. However, we were a pretty balanced football team and our little fullback was our tailback from the year before, and he had good yards. James still made plays when he needed to and when we had to have them."

JH: OU loves big corners, but does he have the speed and agility to play corner at his size?

RL: "Oh yeah, he can play corner and I think that would be a great place for him. Outside linebacker or strong safety would be a good place for him after a strength and weight gain. He runs track all summer and all year long, so he isn't quite as thick or as big as he will be once he gets a little older. He is going to be hard to keep off the field."

JH: What does he run in the 40-yard dash?

RL: "Since that hamstring has been pulled we haven't run a 40 since the end of football season. He has not run a 40 this spring. Last year he ran a 4.5, and he ran the 200 meters in 21.9."

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