Rolle: "The best visit I have ever been on"

Princeton, N.J. cornerback Myron Rolle, who could very well be the top senior in the nation when the rankings are released this summer, talks about his unofficial visit to Norman this weekend.

Princeton, N.J. cornerback Myron Rolle, considered by many the top prep player in the country, took an unofficial visit to Oklahoma Friday and Saturday before returning home today. Late Sunday afternoon, was able to get hold of Rolle on his drive back from the Philadelphia airport to his home in New Jersey to get his thoughts on the visit.

JH: What did you think of your unofficial visit to OU this weekend?

MR: "I had a great time on the visit. I really think that was the best visit that I have ever been on. It was the most organized, the most informative and I met a lot of people. The visit had all my academics concerns answered, my athletic concerns answered and another part of the whole experience that was remarkable was Coach Stoops was personally with me the whole time. From the time I arrived in Norman until I left, he was with me the whole time. We have a great relationship, like I have told you in the past, and it was manifested this weekend. He is a great person and I really enjoyed spending time with him."

JH: Coach Stoops generally doesn't get to spend much time personally with recruits, so talk about how special that was?

MR: "It makes me feel great. That tells me right there how much the school wants me and how much the football team needs me, by having the head football coach surround himself with me the whole time. That even developed our relationship ever more, but even if I wasn't a football player I would still have a relationship with Coach Stoops because of the kind of person that he is and because of the kind of relationship that we have developed over the last three years. We have become very close and that was demonstrated this weekend. He was with us the whole time and he was very sincere and a real genuine person. I really enjoyed my time with them."

JH: Your whole family was there, so how did they enjoy their visit to OU?

MR: "They were blown away, especially my brother McKinley, who was with me the majority of the time. He had had never been to Oklahoma before and he used to ask me why I liked Oklahoma so much. He told me after this weekend that now he sees why, because everything is top line and you are not going to find a better combination of football, a great coach, a great place to be, and we saw that this weekend with this visit. That was the best visit that I have ever been on and my family enjoyed it."

JH: You said before the visit that you wanted to meet and hang out with some players during the trip. Were you able to do that?

MR: "I met a good amount of players and that was another good thing about the visit. The Oklahoma players went out of their way to welcome me. They were very nice and they came out and expressed how happy they were that I was there visiting. I got to break down in the team huddle at practice the first day that I was there, and they were all patting me on the back saying what is up and everything. I met Adrian Peterson and Travis Wilson, and they to me a good amount of time. I met Eric Bassey and I spent a lot of time with Marcus Walker and Brett Bowers. All these guys that I have read about and heard about, and for them to come up to me and make me feel like this is the school that I need to be at, this is the school where you can meet your goals, and to tell me that from a players standpoint was pretty neat. I had a good visit with a couple of players."

JH: Talk about being allowed in the middle of that huddle at practice?

MR: "That was very cool. Coach Stoops was telling everybody that we offered Myron after his freshman year and we have been in the hunt for this kid for a long time. He is one of the best players in the country and he is down here visiting with his family to take a look at us, so make him feel welcome and appreciated. Coach Stoops said he has been recruiting him ever since his freshman year and the kid is a player. He came down to our camp and did real well and we offered him right there at that camp. All the players had a smile on their face and started saying that maybe this guy is a player. That was pretty cool to see that."

JH: I thought I saw you standing next to and talking to Curtis Lofton and Reggie Smith. Was I right and did you get a chance to talk to them or another others who signed with OU in the 2005 class."

MR: "I talked to Curtis Lofton a little bit and talked to Reggie Smith. I asked them some simple questions like why they chose Oklahoma. How they liked Oklahoma? I was comparing how New Jersey was so much different geographically than Oklahoma. They understood what I was talking about when I asked them where the skyscrapers were. Where were the trees at because it is so flat there, but they enjoyed it and they liked it. They said that Oklahoma was the place for them.

"I had a little more time to speak with Reggie because we were over with the defensive backs. We talked about the U.S. Army game and his experiences there. He said he really liked playing in that game. He is running track right now as well and he is doing pretty well in that. We talked about last year at the Elite College Combine and Derrick Williams, because I was covering him a little bit and I did real well against him. We talked about that, so I had a good conversation with Reggie Smith. He is a good kid. I knew him back in the camp that I went to at OU three years ago because he was there, it was cool to see him again."

JH: Did you get to meet all the people that you were scheduled on the trip?

MR: "I did get to meet all the people I hoped to meet with. I did get to meet President Boren and he is a fascinating person. He has a great personality. He totally captivated me, my parents and my brothers. We were all very happy to speak with him and it was an excellent visit. He took time out of his day to talk to us and that meant a lot to us. He really stressed the importance of academics with a student first oriented school that he is looking for. He said that he envisioned me coming to OU and contributing a lot to the school with the school giving back to me as well.

"President Boren is a very brilliant person and I really liked my visit with him. I met with Dr. (Don) McGinnis, one of the team physicians and orthopedic surgeons, who was in the area. I met with him at lunch and he actually did his undergraduate program in microbiology, and that is what I am looking to do. I asked him a few questions on that and got my questions answered.

"I met with Teresa Turner, the academic advisor for the football team. We had another excellent time with her. She knows her stuff and she is definitely ingrained in that whole academic support system for the football team. She looks like she has a great relationship with the players. She is their big sister. She looks over them and that is good to know as well.

I also met with Donna Nelson, who is one of the pre-med administrators. She is more specialized in zoology, which is not what I am interested in, but it was good to talk to her to formulate a path of when I can graduate, how I can graduate and what Masters programs I can choose. I got all my questions answered, and academically it was a very strong showing from Oklahoma."

JH: Did you get a chance to meet with Coach Jerry Schmidt?

MR: "Yeah, I sure did. I was a very, very good visit. He took me into the indoor facility and one of things he mentioned to me was that he was going to get me faster. He said he would drop 1.0 seconds off my time if I got committed to the program. I like to workout and I like to give great effort, give my all, and I am committed to everything that I do. So, if I go there and put in that work he will make me a better player, or drive me to be a better player.

"He didn't just talk about getting me faster, he actually put me through the drills that the Oklahoma players do. Here I am in blue-jeans and high-top sneakers going through those drills, but it was cool to see what they did and to meet some of their support staff. I was doing the bungee drills and the resistant drill working on getting the knees up. I went up in the weight room that Roy Williams donated and we talked about how players train for the NFL with him, and that right there alone speaks volumes for the strength and conditioning program. It lets you know that his program is the real deal if the players are staying there and working out with him for the combine. Coach Schmidt was very impressive to us."

JH: What were impressions on the scrimmage? What were you looking for when you watched that scrimmage?

MR: "I was really trying to look at the defensive backs and see how they work. Going in, I thought Oklahoma was predominately a cover-two team and that they play mostly zone. My brother and I were analyzing what the defensive backs were doing and they were playing a lot of zone, but a lot of man as well. They have a lot of run fits for the cornerbacks with the different techniques that they use.

"We watched Chijioke and Bassey and all the corners. Just to see how they took their re-steps, how they came up and filled the hole, that was pretty good. Overall, I really like how the defense attacked, played hard and they were aggressive. That is the way that I play football. If you can put players on the field that all have that same mentality of going and attacking and playing as if they are hungry for the ball, then you will be good. I was telling my brother that they played like a dog going after some meat, and that was pretty cool. The defensive line, linebackers and all of them were going full-speed ahead. That was probably the best part of the scrimmage that I liked."

JH: Can you see how your talents can fit in with their defense?

MR: "Yes sir, without question. With my football team at Hun High School, we are pretty much a man football team all the time. I roam a lot, move around a lot, and I think I am a bright kid and can pick up the system. I can play well in zone and I can play well in space, but they do play man-to-man and I think I can do well there. Just the overall concept of the defense, as far as their aggressiveness, is something that I can definitely fit in to. That is the way that I play. If somebody was asking me to describe it I would say that I like taking the action to my opponent. That is all that the defense is doing there at Oklahoma."

JH: Did you get a chance to get out in the town or in the surrounding community?

MR: "We did see Norman, but not a lot of it. We stayed in Midwest City at a Hampton Inn there. We got to go to Oklahoma City and saw the Memorial and that was pretty interesting. That was probably about it, but most of my day was consumed by Oklahoma football and being there at the University."

JH: Now that you have visited OU, does that visit enhance Oklahoma's possibilities to sign you?

MR: "I definitely think so. Like I said, that was the best visit I have ever had. I really enjoyed all aspects of it including the academic parts of it and the athletic part. Then just being with Coach Stoops was great. I got to meet his family. I talked to his wife (Carol) before on the phone, but I got to meet his kids and family.

"The playing situation looks good there. The depth chart doesn't look too crowded. They do have some great players there, but I feel I can step right in and earn some playing time early. Meeting with Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright was another great experience to have. I know he would be my defensive back coach and he was a great person. I definitely think this visit put Oklahoma up in my mind more. They were already up there, but this visit just confirmed their position in my mind."

JH: Are you still taking your other visits?

MR: Yes, I am going to Miami next weekend and the week after that I am going to Michigan. In May, I plan to go to Florida and Florida State."

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