RECRUITING: Arkansas OL checks out scrimmage

Springdale, Ark. offensive lineman Bartley Webb talks about his game and unofficial visit to Norman.


Bartley Webb plays on the best team in Arkansas and he is the anchor in the offensive line that is going to put a lot of points in the board this season.

Webb broke into the starting line-up at left tackle last year and was so dominant that he is now drawing recruiting attention from all over the country. Webb finished last year with 38 pancake blocks and he did not give up a sack until the last game of the year, when he gave up a half sack. And that is amazing considering his team throws 50 to 60 passes a game.

"There is a lot of added stress to playing left tackle because you have the quarterback's blindside," said Webb. "You have to be aware of where the quarterback is all the time and to the fact that you are protecting his blindside. I guess that adds a little stress to it, but I like the excitement of playing the position."

Webb can bench 260 pounds and squats 420. Two years ago, Webb went to Florida and went through the Down and Dirty Linemen Camp. Webb isn't sure if he will go to any camps this summer because he will be involved with team camps at Springdale. He hopes to make a few, but he isn't sure of his schedule.

Webb attended the OU scrimmage on Saturday and came away impressed.

"It was quite impressive," said Webb. "As soon as we got there they were in position meetings and they took me right back and let me sit in on the offensive line meeting. That was very informative and allowed me to see how Coach (Kevin) Wilson coached his position and how he worked with his players. Then during the scrimmage, I got to stand out on the field and watch very closely what the offensive line was doing and how they were doing. That was very impressive."

Thus far, Webb has been to at junior day at Tennessee and watched practice, and he has been to several practices at Arkansas, including a scrimmage. Webb has also been to a practice at Texas and now OU.

"They have all been informative," said Webb. "You see a program on TV and you learn a little bit about that program, but when you are actually there watching them in person you learn a lot more about them. You learn what the students are like, what the players are like, and you get a little bit of an idea what their football team is like."

Webb has been offered by 11 schools at this point and that list will grow as they get a chance to see him.

"I have a top 11 right now and I am pretty much keeping my recruiting open right now," said Webb. "I really don't have an order right now and I am still trying to learn all I can about each school. I want to do that and go from there."

So how does he feel about Oklahoma?

"The program is unbelievable. Coach (Bob) Stoops is a great guy and Coach Wilson is a great guy," said Webb. "Like I said, I am open, but there is no question that they are a great program and I was very impressed with."

Most Arkansas athletes grow up wanting to be a Hog, but that doesn't mean all of them do. Where does Webb fit into this category?

"It is to early to say right now if I am going to say in-state or not," said Webb. "I am going to consider all my options, and if I feel a school is best for me out of state then that is what I am going to do. I am going to do what is best for me and that is the only way I am going to approach this. I will be looking hard at the academics at each school because football doesn't last forever. You have to have some other kind of foundation that you can start building on. As of right now, I want to major in education and I would like to get into coaching."

Bartley, who has qualified, has been offered by Arkansas, Clemson, OU, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech.

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