RECRUITING: Ohio lineman has OU on early list

Springdale, Ohio offensive lineman Lee Tilley update.


Lee Tilley, a mountain of a man considered by man as one of the best tackle prospects in the country, has all the size and quickness that the college recruiters are looking for. He played right tackle, but last year he played left tackle and will play there again this year.

"I graded out at about 90 percent last season," said Tilley. "We did alright as a team, but we could have done better. We finished 5-5 on the year and that was disappointing because we have some excellent players on both sides of the ball. We have a number of D-1 guys that signed last year and who will sign this year, but we couldn't quite get over the hump last year. I felt I did decent, but I feel that I could have played better to help out the team."

Tilley benches 300 pounds, squats 450 and played basketball until mid-season last year when he decided to just concentrate on football. Tilley went to Ohio State's football camp last summer and he has been offered by 18 schools at this point.

"I am trying to rate each school individually,so right now I don't have a favorite school," said Tilley. "I don't have a top five yet, but I am trying to get there. I don't have information on all the schools that I need. First and foremost, I need to know if that school has my major. I want to major in business and I want to make sure that the schools that I am interested in have a good business school.

"Then I want to look at the graduation rate. I want a head coach that likes his players and likes to work with his players. I want a coach that will be there for me through my entire career, and a coach that will be there for me even if I get hurt and can't play any more. I want an atmosphere within the football program and on campus that I can enjoy.

"I have to find a school that has an area that that I can enjoy and be entertained. Basically, I am going to move to that school the next five years and I have to live in an area that I am going to enjoy. What is there to do at that school?"

So what schools is Tilley looking at?

"I am considering Oklahoma, Wisconsin and Nebraska in that part of the country. I will try to get to Syracuse back East and down South I want to look at Auburn, Georgia and Ole Miss. There are a number of other schools right now as well.

"Oklahoma is a great program and I have talked to the Coach (Wilson) there. They are always winning there and the odds are good that you are going to win a National Championship if you go there. None of the coaches are leaving Oklahoma because they are winning so much. I don't know about the academics at Oklahoma yet, and that is very important because life after football is very important for me. So, before I put them in my top five I need to find out about their academics."

Tilley is going to take the test the last part of his junior year.

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