RECRUITING: Arkansas WR takes in scrimmage

Springdale, Ark. wide receiver Damian Williams update.

Damian Williams, WR, 6-0, SPRINDALE, ARKANSAS:

JH: You visited OU unofficially this weekend and watched them scrimmage. What were your impressions on the Sooners that weekend?

DW: "I enjoyed my visit to OU. When I first got there they gave me a quick tour of the facilities, and it was quick because they began their position meetings and I wanted to sit in on that. That was very interesting because the guys were real loose and cut up a little bit, but when it was time to get down to business they got real serious and played real hard in the scrimmage. The scrimmage was fun and I really enjoyed my time in Norman."

JH: What are you looking for in a college program?

DW: "I am looking to go to a program that will throw the ball and doesn't run the ball all the time. I am just looking for a good football program that has good academics. I have to like the coaching staff and I don't want to go somewhere where the coaching staff is always upset and yelling and stuff. It is a big decision and I am going to have to pray about it and make my decision."

JH: What do you want to study in college?

DW: "Right now I am leaning towards a business major."

JH: How many schools have offered you at this point?

DW: "I have 21 offers. I just recently received one from Nebraska two days ago. So, they are still coming in."

JH: How many schools are you seriously considering at this point? And do you have a favorite or a top five?

DW: "Not right now, especially with the offers still coming in. I am still gathering information on each school, so I really don't have a top five. Right now all the schools that have offered are still in the picture and I am still gathering information on each of them."

JH: Can you give me an idea on some of the schools that have offered at this point?

DW: "I have been offered by Nebraska, Virginia Tech, UCLA, Tennessee, Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas, Florida, LSU, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas State, Arkansas, Tulsa, Houston, Clemson, Georgia Tech, and I think there are a couple of more."

JH: Was Oklahoma the first spring practice that you have been to or have you been to several?

DW: "I actually made it to one of Texas' spring practices."

JH: You have three or four top recruits at Springdale, so are you looking to go to the same school as a group or is that not a priority?

DW: "We actually talked about going to school together if it fits together well for all of us. We would all love to go to school together and that would make the transition from high school to college a lot easier. At the same time, we all realize that each school has different plans for us and we are looking at different things with each school. If we can go together and it works out it would be great, but if we can't we understand that we would have to go our separate ways."

JH: Have you been to spring practice at Arkansas?

DW: "I plan on going sometime this week."

JH: Have you grown up dreaming of playing for Arkansas or do you have desire to go out of state?

DW: "Right now I am wide open. I am looking at each school that has offered me and I am going to look at each school."

JH: How do you look at Oklahoma in recruiting?

DW: "I have an interest in Oklahoma, but I am looking at every school right now and all the schools have a shot. I am trying to get a little insight on each school, and by visiting Oklahoma I got a chance to come out with a lot of information about their program and how they run things."

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