HOOPS RECRUITING: OU-UT battle for juco shooter?

Midland Junior College Shooting guard J.D. Lewis talks about his style of play, visit schedule and interest in Oklahoma. As a freshman last season at Midland, Lewis shot 45 percent from the three-point range and 85 percent from the free throw line.


JH: Where did you play your high school basketball?

JD: "I played at Amarillo High School. I averaged 18 points per game there. We were ranked fourth in state my senior year and we ended up losing to Duncanville in the regional quarterfinals."

JH: How did you do this past year at Midland?

JD: "I averaged 18 points per game my freshman season at Midland. The first half of the season I averaged about 14 to 15 points per game and then I jumped up to about 24 in conference. We went to Nationals and in Regional's — I had 23, 26 and 28 points. Then in the National Tournament — I had 17, 16 and 5."

JH: How would you describe your game?

JD: "I am good coming off screens and getting shots. I am good at creating angles off of screens. I am a hard-working defender and like to play the game hard."

JH: You are a qualifier out of high school, so how did you end up at Midland Junior College?

JD: "I just wasn't real highly recruited out of high school. I was recruited by a lot of D-2's and a lot of NAIA schools. My coach at Midland, Coach Mac (Grant McCastland), told me to come to Midland and show everybody that I can be a D-1 player."

JH: Are you definitely coming out this year?

JD: "I am ready to go D-1. This is just as good a time as any. A lot of schools want me because I can come in and play three years and contribute early. So, that is what I want to do I want to go somewhere as a sophomore and get in the program and start playing for them right away."

JH: How is your recruiting shaping up at this point?

JD: "At this point it is down to Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, USC, Mississippi State and Missouri. Right now I have visits set to Texas and Oklahoma, and they are the two leaders right now. I am going Oklahoma on the 22nd and to Texas the 15th."

JH: You have to feel very good about your abilities, especially since you didn't have any D-1 offers coming out of high school, now you have proven after one year in junior college that you can play D-1 basketball?

JD: "I definitely had a chip on my shoulder coming out of high school when people said that I didn't have what it takes to play D-1 basketball. I just wanted to prove them wrong, and I have."

JH: Do you have a leader between OU and Texas?

JD: "I really don't. I love both programs. What I want to do is go as far as I can in the NCAAs, and both OU and Texas can do that. I want to look hard at both programs and see what talent is on both rosters. I will probably make a decision after visiting both schools. I may visit Florida, but I will probably make a decision after those two visits."

JH: What do you like about Oklahoma?

JD: "I love the opportunity to come and play. Coach Sampson says he needs a shooter that can come off screens and hit open jump shots, and that is what I can do. I love the big men at OU. Taj Gray, Kevin Bookout and Longar Longar are great players and they are going to help me get open shots."

JH: What were your shooting percentages this past year?

JD: "I shot 45 percent from the 3-point line, 85-percent from the free throw line and 50 percent form the field."

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