With top juniors Damion James and Scott Reynolds, Kelvin Sampson is on a recruiting roll like he's never seen before. Sampson now has his eye on junior college point guard Tarrance Crump. Crump, who visited Norman last weekend, talked with OUInsider.com, Tuesday night about just how close he might be to making a decision.


JH: What is the latest in recruiting with you?

TC: "I am just chilling and just listening to everybody trying to make the right decision. That is all that I am doing right now...being patient."

JH: If it is announced in the next couple of days that Drew Lavender is going to transfer, will that effect your decision?

TC: "Yeah, that was one of my biggest problems. When he makes that announcement that will definitely help me make my decision. I just want to make sure where I go next year is going to be the right place for me."

JH: Are you saying that if Lavender does announce that he is leaving that you will commit to OU?

TC: "Yeah, that is what I am saying."

JH: Are you still going to visit Wyoming?

TC: "I still haven't decided yet. That is all still going through my head right now."

JH: Are you enjoying recruiting right now?

TC: "Some days it is tough and some days it is fun. Sometimes it gets ridiculous and I have to cut my phone off. Sometimes my phone rings off the hook. North Carolina called me tonight and they want to come and see me next week. I hope I have my decision made at that point because I don't want to get another team involved."

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