HOOPS RECRUITING: OU still in the mix for Henry

Putnam City, Okla. guard C.J. Henry talks about his pro baseball options and interest in Oklahoma.


JH: How did your baseball game go tonight?

CJ: " I went 1-for-2 with two walks. Then I got the save. I am not throwing a lot of innings right now because I am trying to get my arm in shape. I just went the last inning."

JH: What are your stats at this time?

CJ: "I think it is /500 with five homeruns, three doubles and two triples."

JH: Tomorrow is the start of the second signing period, so are you considering signing with anybody to play college basketball?

CJ: "Right now I am focusing on baseball and trying to raise my stock as high as I can for the Major League Baseball draft. I am not going to be signing with anybody in basketball this week."

JH: Does that mean that you are thinking things over this week and will sign with a basketball program next week?

CJ: "All I can say is that when I feel the situation is right, or that I find the right situation, that I will make a commitment or sign. It has to be the right situation for me."

JH: It sounds like you have a lot of options. Is baseball still the primary consideration right now?

CJ: "First and foremost I want to play baseball and make it to the big leagues. I am thinking through a lot of things. I am thinking about signing with Texas to just play baseball. That is an option for me. I don't know about playing basketball at Texas, but that is another option. I am also still thinking about playing both sports at Kansas, Oklahoma State and OU."

JH: What are your thoughts on OU?

CJ: "I like Oklahoma a lot because it is close home and they have a good program. OU is only 20 minutes from my home and it would be easy for my family to see me play. I haven't really thought much about the baseball program at OU because they haven't really recruited me. I am not sure why. I know that some players are leaving OU and I am not sure what is going on there because I like OU, and that is really all that I am concerned about."

JH: Are you still considering signing with a college basketball program, and yet if you get the right draft and money in pro baseball still play college basketball as well?

CJ: "No, there is a chance and I am thinking about that. I can always sign to play basketball and still sign with pro baseball. I might want to do that, but that would depend on what some the schools are thinking."

JH: Do you have a favorite right now among the four schools you are talking about?

CJ: "No, sir. I don't have a favorite right now. I could still sign with any of the four schools."

JH: Are you hearing from pro baseball scouts a lot right now?

CJ: "It is pretty hectic right now. I have five to 15 scouts at every practice, so every practice I have to be at the top of my game. I have a lot riding on each practice it seems like."

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