HOOPS RECRUITING: Sooners look to other options

With the loss of Junior College All-American point guard Tarrance Crump to Purdue, three new names have emerged, including Eastern Oklahoma guard Mario Taybron (pictured above) as possible candidates to sign with the Sooners in the late period

With the loss of Tarrance Crump today to Purdue, Mario Taybron, a 6-foot-2 combo guard from Eastern Oklahoma Junior College, has emerged as an option that OU is looking at.

Taybron, who is originally from Hampton, Va., started at Temple for six games his freshman year before leaving the program because of personal issues. He split time at the point and shooting guard this past year. He is considered a very athletic point guard and his skill level is very good. I also think he would jump at the chance to play at OU. The Sooners went to see him today, but they have not offered yet.

OU is also checking out two other point guards in Mike Woodard (5-11, 170) of Los Angeles Community College and Kevin Henderson (6-3, 210) of Compton Community College in Los Angeles. I don't know much about them at this time, but I am working to come up with some information.

Right now OU is just looking into what to do. I know they felt they were going to get Crump, so now that they haven't they are trying to make some decisions.

One of the options that I know they are looking at is playing Terrell Everett at the point with freshman Austin Johnson backing him. The question in this scenario is not whether Everett could handle the point, but whether Johnson could handle physically the back-up role.

The OU coaches have hit the recruiting trail as they look to see if there is another Juco point guard out there that they like, or whether they should just stay in-house and play with the hand that has already been dealt to them.

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