Edmond Memorial linebacker Dane Zaslaw already getting looks from major programs


It's very early in the recruiting process, but already college coaches are buzzing about Dane Zaslaw out of Edmond Memorial High School in Edmond, Oklahoma. Zaslaw will be a three-year starter when he steps on the field this fall.

Since his sophomore year, Zaslaw has been a dominant player recording 60 tackles, six sacks, three blocked passes, 25 hurries and one blocked field goal at defensive end.

Zaslaw moved to middle linebacker last year and bettered those numbers. Zaslaw made 121 tackles, picked off two passes and also improved his average as a punter to 42 yards-per-punt, four yards better than his sophomore average.

Zaslaw can run well, but it's his strength that sets him apart from other prep players. Zaslaw can bench 225 pounds 18 times; 185 pounds 35 times and he has a max of 385 pounds. His best squat is 605 pounds and he squats 460 pounds 10 times. Zaslaw can hang clean 275 pounds.

Recently we had a chance to talk with the young man who is regarded right now as one of the top two players in the state.

JH: Are you already in the recruiting, or are you still just concentrating on high school football?

"I am just trying to have fun playing high school football. People have started calling me already. When I was waiting for you to call me back another recruiting service called as well. I guess the process is already underway."

JH: Are you aware that college recruiters are already paying attention to you?

"I am not aware if they are watching me yet, but I am working toward that. You have to have goals and have to work towards accomplishing those goals. I am a goal-oriented person and one of those goals has always been to play college and pro football."

JH: You seem incredibly strong, where does that strength come from?

"I definitely think my strength comes from my dad, who was always big into powerlifting and I think he passed those genes to me. I have been lifting for a long time and really enjoy it."

JH: How would you describe your style of play?

"I am a physical player. I like to think of it as controlled reckless abandoned. I think I can dominate any other player on the field."

JH: What position do you feel you will play in college?

"I have no idea. It depends on what the coaches want to do with me. I will play anywhere and that includes special teams. I love playing special teams and take a great deal of pride in my special teams.

JH: Do you have a favorite school?

"Not really, because my parents went to out-of-state colleges. My dad graduated from Montana and my mom went to OSU, but doesn't really have any loyalty their. I really never pulled for any in-state school and I haven't been a fan of any school really. I like watching football, but I usually just watched and enjoyed the game."

JH: What schools do you like in recruiting?

"It is kind of hard to say right now, because it is so early in my recruiting process. I want to look at all my options and see where the best place for me will be. I want to go someplace warm where it would be nice to live. I would like anywhere in the Big 12, and all places around a beach. The coastline kind of schools."

JH: What are you thoughts on Oklahoma?

"That would be a great opportunity to play at Oklahoma. I have watched them a lot and feel like they are a good football program. It is hard to tell what program would be the best for me and what program would provide me with the best opportunity to improve as a player and a person. I would think that Oklahoma could be one of those schools. "

JH: Are you already scheduled to go any football camps this summer?

"I got invited to the NIKE camp at Texas. My team is going is going to the camp at Southwest Missouri on June 12th. I am going to the University of Miami camp June 26th. I think I will go to OU's one-day camp early in June."

JH: What are your thoughts on OSU?

JH: I have no idea really, because I haven't paid a lot of attention to them thus far. However, I could say that about all schools really.

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