Offseason Insider: Schmidt likes what he sees

James Hale takes a look at how the players are progressing in offseason training

Oklahoma strength and conditioning coordinator Jerry Schmidt said that Lynn McGruder came in too heavy at about 310 pounds, but that he is already down to 295. Schmidt says he wants him at 285 by the time the season starts.

Schmidt says all the DTs are incredible in workouts and that OU has the best DL in the country.

Tommie Harris continues to amaze in the workouts and McGruder is as good as advertised. Kory Klein is one of the hardest workers on the team and Dusty Dvoracek is one of the top 10 guys in strength as well.


Junior defensive end Jimmy Wilkerson is up to 262 pounds, yet still timed at 4.6 flat on a slow track. Jonathan Jackson is up to 240 pounds and times at 4.49. Dan Cody is slimmed down to 255, but posted a 4.65 forty, which is a little quicker than when he started against North Carolina. Of course, he played at 270 in that game and will be somewhere in-between this fall.


Quentin Griffin recently had jaw surgery and that has slowed his workouts, but he will be fine for spring practice.


Redshirt freshmen defensive back Eric Bassey posted the fastest time in the forty before the start of this offseason period at 4.42 on a slow track.


Michael Thompson ran a 4.8, but it was his first timing since the accident. Thompson is working a ton on speed work and should run close to a 4.6 during his next timing. OU expects him to be under 4.6 when two-a-days roll around this summer.


OU loves Bassey and Jowahn Poteat so far during offsesaon drills. They are favorites of Mike Stoops and both have greatness written all over them.

Bassey and Thompson will be a great battle at strong safety. One could also be the nickle, but Antonio Perkins will also be hustling to earn that nickle spot as well. Matt McCoy will also be a factor and remember he has the most experience and played well the second half of the season.


Don't rule out Terrance Simms as a factor in the secondary. He is still battling to get all the way back from his second knee surgery, but the OU coaches love the way Simms plays the game when he is healthy.

Simms is not 100 percent yet, but if he can get there he could win the SS position or the nickle position. The OU coaches believe that he would win one of them.


The quality of depth in the secondary is amazing. Granted, there isn't much experience there, but the talent is super.

Don't forget about Derrick Strait, Andre Woolfolk and Brandon Everage, but sit and drool over the raw athletic ability of Poteat, Bassey, Jarvis Smith, Bobby Klinck and Thompson.

Throw in the stud newcomers like Aaron Miller, Jason Carter, Michael Hawkins and Brodney Pool and the Sooners are loaded with super talent in the secondary.

Hey, bring on Miami and all those other great passing teams. Do you think they care about OU's defense? Think again!

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