RECRUITING: California athlete Gable can do it all

C.J. Gable has an impressive list of favorites. Did the Sooners make the cut?


C.J. Gable can play just about any skill position on the field, and he will do it with as much athletic ability as anybody else on the field. Without question, Gable is the jack-of-all-trades at Silimar.

"Sometimes I play safety, cornerback running back and receiver in the same game," said Gable. "I like playing all the positions. In college I am getting recruited by different schools for different positions. So, it doesn't matter where they put me at."

Last season Gable rushed for 2,026 yards, 27 touchdowns and he had caught two passes for close to 200 yards. On defense, Gable finished with 80 tackles and five interceptions. Gable also returns punts and kicks. On 10 kick returns, he took back two for touchdowns of over 90 yards.

Gable can bench 250 pounds, squats 380 and he has a 30-inch vertical jump. Gable also runs 100M (10.7), 200M (22.1), 400M and he runs the anchor relay on the 4X100 in track.

Gable went to the USC camp recently and attended the UCLA camp last summer. Gable also attended the Elite Football Camp at Cal a year ago and he plans to go back to the Cal camp again this year.

Gable has been offered by 10 schools at this time. or at least that is what he thought it was at last count.

"I am wide open right now and I am not really keeping up with it," said Gable. "I am looking at USC, Miami, Florida, Florida State and Oklahoma. One thing I have to find out from OU is whether they want to use me at running back or DB. OU has Adrian Peterson at running back and he is going to play at running back. I have to find out what OU has in mind for me. Defensive back may be the place for me at Oklahoma."

USC and Oklahoma have offered Gable, but he is still waiting to see something in writing from the Florida schools. Sylmar runs the power-I and option on offense.

Gable will take his test on May 7.

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