Cody excited about opportunity with Ravens

Former Sooner defensive end Dan Cody talked with on Tuesday about his NFL future in Baltimore, going lower than expected in the draft and his career in Oklahoma.

Ada, Okla. native Dan Cody has been one of the most dynamic and popular players on the Sooner team for the last two years. After a bout with depression that cost him his sophomore season, Cody had bounced all the way back earning All-American honors last year.

Cody's hard work paid off this past weekend when he was drafted in the second round by the Baltimore Ravens. No, he didn't go in the first round as expected, but when you come from a small town in Oklahoma the second round isn't so bad. Earlier today, Cody took a few minutes out of his busy day to talk to for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: Dan, what are your feelings on being drafted in the second round by the Baltimore Ravens?

DC: "I don't think it could have worked out any better for me. I get to be up there with Mark (Clayton) and I am going to a great defense. It is really hard to find any downside for me."

JH: Not only do you get to go into this group with Mark, but you have Kelly Gregg and Trent Smith, who are both already on the roster from Oklahoma. I bet they can show the ropes around the organization don't you?

DC: "Yeah, no question. The guys there are great and the coaches promote the older guys to help the younger guys out. I know that I am in a situation where I will have a little bit of a learning curve because I will probably be doing some stuff that I didn't do a whole lot of in college. Those coaches are going to put me in a position to make plays and maybe open some things up for other people. It is going to be a deal where they are not just bringing me in to be another body on the field. That is always encouraging, no matter how high or how low you go."

JH: Are you disappointed that you went in the second round? Or at this point does it not matter any longer?

DC: "Of course I was disappointed, but you are right in that at this point it doesn't matter anymore. Early on there was a lot of talk about how high I was going to go, maybe even be a top five or top 10 pick. I really thought there was a big possibility of that happening, but it didn't work out. We were prepared for it going into the draft.

"We knew the week coming into the draft that was probably going to be the situation. We would have liked to have gone a little higher in the second round because we knew that it was probably going to be in the second round. It didn't work out that way, but I want to say that if I was going to go somewhere in the second round I would go exactly where I fell."

JH: I know Rex Ryan very well, he is the defensive coordinator at Baltimore. He says that if they have 12 different types of defenses that you are going to be on 11 of them as a starter. How does that make you feel that he thinks that highly of you?

DC: "Yeah, of course that makes me feel good. But it also brings a lot of pressure on me right away. If I am going to be involved in 11 different defensive schemes there is probably going to be 11 different things that I am doing in each scheme. I know that whatever I am going to be doing in that scheme is something that I have done at OU because they know that I have the ability to do. The fundamentals there are not going to be far away from the same here, so that is always positive."

JH: It sounds like you are prepared to play with your hand on the ground and standing up?

DC: "Yeah, no question. Coach Stoops opened up the opportunity for me to do that last year during the season. Without Coach Stoops doing that during the season, it might have closed a lot of doors and cost me a lot of opportunities to go where I did."

JH: How much did it benefit you to play at Oklahoma?

DC: "The words don't describe how much. You learn so much about defense, so much about discipline, and you learn so much about winning. I think those are the three key ingredients that a defensive football player needs to have to have a successful team."

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