Jones: "I enjoyed the whole ride at Oklahoma"

Former Oklahoma receiver Brandon Jones talks about his draft day experience, uture with the Tennessee Titans and career at Oklahoma. (AP Photo/Jackson Laizure)

When Brandon Jones first arrived at OU many thought he had a better chance to reach the pros as a baseball player.

However, he was recruited at OU to play football, and eventually he settled on playing football full time despite drawing a few starts early in his career with the Sooner baseball team.

Once he committed to football, his talent at wide receiver took off and he became a big play threat for the Sooners.

Jones' efforts at OU were rewarded on Saturday when he was selected in the third round of the NFL draft. On Wednesday, Jones joined me Bob Barry Jr. on Sports Morning to talk about his new opportunity.

BBJ: Congratulations for being selected in the third round by the Tennessee Titans. What was your reaction for not only having your name called on day one, but by being picked up by Tennessee?

BJ: "I enjoyed it. It certainly was a relief when they called my name. I had been sitting around waiting on it, and when it finally happened I was excited about it and relieved about it."

JH: Can you go back to Saturday and gives us an idea what that day was like for you and your family? What were you expecting going into that day?

BJ: "I was expecting to go in the third or fourth round, and I was hoping it would be the third. My nerves were working all day up to that point and it finally happened later on that day. I was getting very nervous as the day went on. I was hoping that I would go on Saturday and I did. That was a big relief."

BBJ: Have you talked to Jeff Fisher or the wide receiver coach there? And what do you think about your prospects of getting in there and playing?

BJ: "When they called me they told me they were going to bring me in to play and they asked me if I was ready to play. I told them yeah and they said they were going to bring me in and Coach Fisher said that we wanted me to make plays for them. Coach Fisher had a press conference the other day and said that he brought us in to play and he said whoever would pick up the offense better would play at receiver. I am looking forward to that. I can't wait for it."

JH: Are you ready to join the force of Air McNair?

BJ: "Yeah, I can't believe that I am playing for Air McNair. As a kid, I watched Air McNair and I grew up being a fan of his, and now I am on his team. I can't wait to see how it works out. I know it is going to be fun out there."

JH: I can't wait until you tell Steve McNair that you grew up as a big fan of his. I am sure he will like the fact that you are pointing out how old he is."

BBJ: "That will be about the time he throws one of those 99 mile an hour balls that breaks your finger.

BJ: "I know he can really throw it. I will have to show that I can catch it."

BBJ: Have you heard from your guys Rocky Calmus and Andre Woolfolk?

BJ: "When I took my visit to Tennessee, when I was being showed around, Woolfolk was the first guy that I ran into. Then I ran into Rocky later and the coaches were bragging on us saying that these Oklahoma boys are the best. I didn't get to see them much, but I am sure I will see them a bunch this weekend."

JH: You have a lot of big play ability, which is evident by all your long touchdown catches at OU. As you go to the NFL, what do you feel you have to work on to make it big in that league?

BJ: "I need to be more patient in my routes. I need to be more disciplined because sometimes I break off short or try to make move on a defensive back too soon. I just need to get there and work on it. It is something that I got away with at Oklahoma for a long time because it is easy out there when you are not playing guys as good as you. In the NFL, everybody is real good, so this is something that I have to work on myself."

BBJ: How much did it help you to have guys like fellow NFL draftees like Mark Clayton and Mark Bradley and Travis Wilson, who will be picked in the draft next year, being around those guys? Having three Oklahoma wide receivers taken in the first three rounds of the NFL draft has never happened before/

BJ: "It helped a lot because every day I had to go out there and compete with those guys. You want a spot and you want to play. If you want a shot at the NFL you have to compete, and playing at Oklahoma helps you learn how to compete. We had great players on our squad and you know in the NFL you are going to be competing with great players no matter what. Playing at OU helped me out tremendously. I enjoyed the whole ride at Oklahoma. It was really fun. Coach (Darrell) Wyatt was a great coach and he is going to be somebody that I can always call and talk to. Thanks to what I went through at Oklahoma, I am ready to start a new career."

JH: I know you loved baseball, but you have to feel at this point that you made the right decision to concentrate on football?

BJ: "I was in love with baseball, but I gave it up two years ago. I think it was the right decision. Matter of fact, the New York Yankees contacted Coach Cochell the other day that if things don't work out with football that they still wanted me to play for them. So, it is still swimming around the water and still out there, but football is my love now."

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