White will get his shot at the NFL in Kansas City

Chiefs invite former Sooner quarterback Jason White to mini-camp this weekend in Kansas City. More details inside...

After being bypassed in the NFL draft, former OU quarterback Jason White has received an invitation to the Kansas City Chiefs rookie tryout camp. The camp will be conducted from Friday, April 29 through Sunday, May 1.

White, who threw for more than 7,000 yards and 75 touchdowns in his final two seasons, had been getting the cold shoulder from all 32 NFL teams due to concerns about his physical condition. Although the Chiefs have not yet offered him a free agent contract, he will get a chance to rebut comments made by Kansas City coach Dick Vermeil following the draft.

"There have been a lot of college quarterbacks who have been very, very successful and won Heisman Trophies and everything else, but they can't play in the National Football League. He's just not projected to have the kind of skill it takes to play the position in the National Football League," Vermeil told the Kansas City Star.

Carl Peterson, Kansas City's president/general manager, was a little softer in his comments about White in the same article.

"I'm not sure he cannot play in the National Football League," said Chiefs president/general manager Carl Peterson. "I hope he gets that opportunity, and I think he will.

"He's as tough-minded as anybody. He may surprise people. You can't count him out. The right team and the right opportunity and he very well may fit in."

White left for the three-day camp on Thursday afternoon and will now find out if Kansas City is that right team.

OU coach Bob Stoops expressed his feelings for White after the announcement.

"We're excited that Jason has an opportunity to pursue his goals and know that he'll make the most of this opportunity.† He has proven time and again that he can succeed at the highest level.† He earned this shot at professional football and I like the fact that Carl Peterson, Dick Vermeil and the Chiefs recognize that too.†

"In getting to know him so well and in watching him go about his business here, there is nobody that I have been associated with during my career that I respect more or am more proud of than Jason White."

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