Smith ready to get career started at OU

Oklahoma recruit Reggie Smith gives his impressions on the Sooners' spring game and talks about his preparations to begin his career in Norman this summer.

Edmond Sante Fe's Reggie Smith was the most highly sought after recruit in Oklahoma last season and he's anxious to begin his career as a Sooner. Tony Sellars caught up with the future OU secondary member to discuss his arrival on the Norman campus.

TS: Give me your impressions of your future team from what you saw in the spring game.

Reggie Smith: I thought the defense looked pretty good. Everybody on that side of the ball played really well, swarmed around and made plays, DBs and linebackers and D-line. Seemed like they were clicking.

TS: The secondary seemed especially aggressive during that game.

Reggie Smith: Right, they did. I've been watching them and slipped up to a few practices during the spring, just trying to figure out what they're doing. I think I'm learning it now. Knowing where to be at certain times when I'm supposed to.

TS: Where do you think you fit in to the scheme when you arrive for fall workouts?

Reggie Smith : I really couldn't tell you. I hope that I'll get in the rotation at free safety but if that doesn't work out, wherever I can help out the soonest.

TS: When are you going to arrive in Norman to start summer workouts?

Reggie Smith: Actually I'm moving down the fourth or fifth of June and start classes on the sixth. I hear the workouts are pretty tough. I'm just going to have to be ready and get prepared to work. They (the NCAA) have changed the rules, so I have to take six hours, three in each session, to be able to join the workouts and my scholarship starts when I move down.

TS: I know you had to get permission from the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Association to play in the U.S. Army All-Star game and still be able to run track.

Reggie Smith: Yeah, we had to protest and they let me run this year.

TS: How is that working out for you?

Reggie Smith: I'm doing pretty well. I'm just getting back from a strained hamstring but I'm running well. Today I ran the 100, 110 hurdles and 4 X 100 relay. That's probably my best event. I run a pretty good first leg. I'm still nursing the hamstring a little, so I didn't run as well as I can in the 100.

TS: How did you strain the hamstring?

Reggie Smith: I strained it in one of the meets when I was finishing up one of the 4 X 100 legs. I tried to stop a little too fast, I think.

TS: What are your expectations about playing right away this fall? Nobody wants to redshirt. Everybody wants to get right into the action.

Reggie Smith: Right. We'll see just how well I get in there and learn all the stuff, how well I progress. Hopefully, I can get in there somewhere, if not safety, then corner. And I'd like to help on punt returns, too.

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