Getting the Point: Walker ready to win at Oklahoma

Chris Walker, a 6-foot-3 point guard from San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, Calif., talks in-depth with about signing with the Sooners, his style of play, defensive abilities and future in Norman. Walker, who was the Northern California Junior College Player of the Year, signed a letter of intent with Oklahoma on Sunday. (Photo courtest of Mark Godi/

The Oklahoma Basketball team earned the verbal they have been looking for when point guard Chris Walker of Delta Community College in California said that he wanted to be a Sooner this weekend.

Walker, who committed during his official visit on Saturday, signed his letter of intent, along with his mother, on Sunday. And late Sunday evening, caught up with the newest Sooner to get his thoughts on his future in Norman.

JH: Chris, did all of this develop in such a short amount of time? When did you really get interested in OU?

CW: "First of all, I have always wanted to play at the highest level and I really didn't know that much about OU because I figured they had a point guard. When the opportunity presented itself and it turned out they needed a point guard and they gave me a call about two weeks ago, then I had some interest in them. Coach (Kelvin) Sampson watched me play in an open gym and then I sat down to talk to him. He said he needed a point guard and now the rest is history. I went on the visit and fell in love with the program, and that is how it all came about."

JH: So all of this just developed in the last two weeks? Had you ever followed OU at all up to that point?

CW: "Yeah, I have watched the program for several years now and I know the type of style that they play. I know Coach Sampson is one of the best coaches in the country and that OU is a high level program, and a program that is striving to win a National Championship. That is what I am all about — winning championships. I think the OU program will fit me perfect."

JH: You were recruited by other schools (UTEP, Arizona State and Texas A&M) much longer than OU. What was it about Oklahoma that not only closed the gap so quickly, but eventually got you signed?

CW: "Some people probably feel that it is strange for me to commit to a school that has only been recruiting me for a couple of weeks, but the thing that was different about Oklahoma than any other program that was recruiting me is that they weren't rebuilding. They had a team already set that can win. All it needed was an important piece to the puzzle, and that was a point guard.

"Their goal is to win a National Championship this upcoming season And the other programs that were recruiting me, I don't think I would have had that chance this season or next season. The type of player that I am and the type of competitor that I am, I always want to play with the best and against the best and win the National Championship. Oklahoma is definitely one of the schools reaching to do that."

JH: Talk about your style of play and how you will fit in with Oklahoma?

CW: "I am the type of player that pushes the ball up the court and gets into transition. I am a total point guard. I don't need to score 30 points or 25 points to help my team win. I am a true point guard that is a good leader. This year I was the Northern California Player of the Year and I only averaged 11 points. My thing is to lead the team and to get everybody else involved. I don't need to do too much and score 30 every night. That is not my job and that is not the type of point guard that I am. I am the type of point guard that is going to get you 11 points, seven assists, five rebounds and three steals. That is the type of point guard that I am."

JH: I hear you are a very good defensive point guard. Would you say that is true?

CW: "I have the ability to shut down the other teams point guard. I also play help defense well. There are some players out there that can play great one-on-one defense, but can't play help defense. I can do a little bit of both. I can cover down and play a two-guard, and with my size I can cover a two-guard full time. I can cause havoc on everybody else on the court by helping out and coming around getting steals."

JH: How long do you feel it will take you to gel with your teammates at OU once you arrive this summer?

CW: "It is going to take a little bit of time because I am going to be playing with some guys that I have never played with before. I have been playing with guys for a long, long time and we won. It is going to take a while for them to get adjusted to me, but I feel I can play with anybody, especially with the great group of guys at Oklahoma. They are like me and they just want to win. Once the point guard and the other players on the team are on the same page, then things get pretty easy to adjust to one another."

JH: You have won everywhere you have played. Do you feel that can carry over for you?

CW: "Yeah, I think it does. I hate losing and I want to compete to the best of my ability. I am just all about winning. I don't really care about the stat book or stat sheet after the game. All I care about is winning. With Coach Sampson and Oklahoma all they care about and is winning. With my ability and knowledge I think this is a great fit for me."

JH: Did you get to play a little basketball with the guys when you were here on your visit?

CW: "Yes, we got a chance to play and we had fun on the court. We got a chance to play Friday and we all played well. It is easy to tell that there is a lot of talent at OU. I got to play with just about everybody expect for Kevin Bookout and a couple of other guys."

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