RECRUITING: Another stud from Evangel Christian

Shreveport, La. OL Doug Stroud talks about his enormous strength and recent trip to Norman.


When it comes to your prototypical offensive tackles, they don't came in a much better frame that the one possessed by Doug Stroud.

Stroud is one of the biggest offensive tackles in the country and his athletic ability is outstanding. Blessed with great size and strength, Stroud is has the potential to be one of the best offensive tackles in the country.

"I work hard in the weight room and I am part of our school power-lifting team," said Stroud. "Right now I have a 330 bench, 505 squat and a 615 dead-lift. I am very tall for a weight-lifter, but I am very flexible and I can get down low. My size actually helps me in the dead-lift and I work very hard at it. About a month a go my power-lifting team went to Oklahoma and we competed in the National Power Lifting Championships. We took second as a team. My dead-lift that I gave you is fresh, as I did 10 pounds better recently than I did in that competition.

"While I was there I got a chance to drop by OU and look around. I got a chance to meet their offensive line coach Kevin Wilson and he was a great guy, and a young guy, that was fun to talk to. I got a chance to look at their weight room, indoor practice facility, locker room and the coach's hall. I also saw the Switzer Center and I was very impressed with all of it. Every place that I have been so far has been very impressive with nice facilities, so I am just trying to find the place where I fit in the best."

Stroud has been to Ole Miss, Alabama, LSU and Oklahoma thus far. This summer he is going up to Nebraska for sure and he hopes to visit Michigan, Ohio State and UCLA.

"I want to stay in a passing offense because that is what I am used to," said Stroud. "It is important to find an offense that throws the ball a lot. I have been throwing the ball a lot in the Evangel system since I was in fifth grade. That is what I am used to and that is what I will try to find.

"Don't get me wrong, a balanced offense like the one at Oklahoma will work for me because that is basically what we run at Evangel. I just want to find an offense that does put an emphasis on throwing the ball."

Stroud is still looking for his first offer, but he has heard from just about every team in the country.

"I think teams are trying to make sure that I can move well for my size," said Stroud. "The coaches at Ole Miss told me that they wanted me to come up so they could work me out to see what kind of feet that I have. I think the more that certain coaches see me, the more they will be able to tell that I can move pretty well. I don't win every battle with the defensive linemen that I face, but I win most of them, and they are some pretty good players. I think this summer teams will get a chance to see how well I move."

Stroud has qualified.

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